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Powerball: An Overview of the World’s Largest Jackpot

The old question goes, “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”, but for players of Powerball, the popular US lottery game that has made its way north of the border, the question really is, “What would you do if you had hundreds of millions of dollars?”. That’s right, with a the size of recent Powerball prizes, and the methods you can use to choose your best numbers – so, pretty much all you need to know about the world’s largest lottery! Picking the numbers, winning the big prize, living a life of luxury and ease: that part is up to you.

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So, what is Powerball, exactly? Formed in 1992 by the Multi-State Lottery Association in the US, Powerball expanded quickly to become one of America’s most beloved lottery games, with its trailblazing “two-drum” system use of two drums to draw numbers, allowing for higher jackpot odds. Later, at around the turn of the new millennium, Powerball began offering what it called the “Power Play” option – which this post will discuss below – which was essentially a way for players to multiply their winnings. In 2012, the minimum jackpot doubled from US$20 million to 40 million, and ever since then, Powerball has been offering enormous, record-breaking jackpots.


It’s a fairly straightforward game, involving the choice of five main numbers between 1 and 69, and then a sixth number – your Powerball number – between 1 and 26. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday, and depending on how many drawn numbers match the numbers you chose, you could win anywhere from US$4 – if just your Powerball matches – to a quitting her job to enjoy her newly acquired wealth. Since Powerball offers a jackpot that keeps rolling over until someone wins it, the prize keeps going up; after someone wins, the jackpot resets to US$40 million for the next draw, and the whole thing starts over again.

Choose your numbers however you feel comfortable, whether picking some lucky numbers and sticking with them draw after a draw or switching things up to follow the number trends and charts. Mavis Wanczyk, the aforementioned winner of a cool US$758 million, chose her numbers based on the birthdays of her family members, proving that your family really is there for you in ways you’ll never even know! Try playing Powerball today by accessing info online, choosing your numbers, and tuning in to find out whether you’ll be this draw’s big winner.

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