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Diamond Jewellery: Significance of 4C’s

Cliché it may be, yet a diamond is a girl’s best friend. While choosing engagement rings, diamonds surpass every other gemstone on the list. On top of all this, a diamond is in essence the torchbearer of each and every romantic emotion and genuine passion. It is no wonder why buyers should have access to a few of the key …

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10 Minute Beauty Routine For Getting Ready In a Hurry

Not all of us have the luxury of being able to take a full hour or two to look like a movie star. Between errands, family, social life, and to-do’s, life can be one big rush hour. Therefore, we can’t always look our best even though we might like a private makeup artist and hair stylist. There are a few …

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A Sign of the Times – More Sophisticated Approaches to Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty can be defined as an approach to nasal surgery that requires a highly personalized technique – based on the facial features and characteristics of the patient. One reason ethnic rhinoplasty has come about is because each patient has significantly different facial features, and thus, will require unique techniques and methods to make sure that the ‘new’ nose is …

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How Indian spices improve your magnificence remedy

We all comprehend how spices like haldi and dhania can rev up a dish, however the culinary advantages aside, did you comprehend spices can additionally work wonders for the pores and skin and hair? What your grandmother stated has come authentic, with extra folks realizing the advantages of Indian spices in preventing pimples, clearing clogged pores and bettering the the complexion. …

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