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7s Ways To Look Hot In Your 30s

Touching 30? And worried that you don’t look hot enough as any other chic, maybe in her 20s?Well worry not as what we have here is a list of seven ways that will sure make you look hot! Embrace your age- There is nothing sexier than been comfortable in your skin and age. For instance if you’re 25 and unconfident, …

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Stunner on the go

Stunner on the go Travelling soon? Apeksha helps you out with the quickest and the most convenient ways to apply makeup on days when you’re on the go but still want to look your best. Lay the groundwork While on vacation, a touch-up every two hours is just not possible! So, for perfect long-lasting make-up, you need the perfect base. …

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Modern Looks for the State-of-the-Art Home

Simple but sophisticated—this is the look that modern homes are known for. Many homeowners have redesigned their homes to accommodate their technologically-driven lifestyle, and the result is often a success if done correctly. Homes with modern designs have a raw, industrial feel, and this can be seen in the exposed concrete flooring, concrete blocks, and steel trusses and columns that …

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4 Skin-Care Essentials to Take with You When You Travel

Taking your daily skin-care and beauty products on the road with you might seem a questionable task, but it’s definitely possible if you reduce your packing to the bare essentials. The goal is to create a miniature kit that will serve you throughout a variety of potential scenarios during your upcoming trip … whether you’re going for a swim, relaxing …

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Skin deep: modern solutions for a gorgeous complexion

Those who suffer from outbreaks of acne, have a genetic predisposition to rosacea or have experience of skin discoloration due to sun damage will know how upsetting these conditions can be. However, modernisations in skin treatment mean some of these problems can be reduced, disguised or even reversed. There are many new and powerful products on the market, as well …

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