Factors to Consider Before Calgary Windows Replacement

Calgary windows replacement is among many factors determining how much you pay for your monthly premium. Many insurers will not insure you unless they see you have made some efforts to provide some security for your home.

For instance, many insurance companies’ policies demand that some windows fit with certain kinds of locks before providing you with a cover. If those specifications are not met, the premium might be high for you. in such cases, windows replacement is an option you should go for along with other options. See this link for more.


Implementing High Security

Suppose you have chosen to replace single-glazed windows with double-glazed windows for your Calgary windows replacement project. In that case, you will significantly minimize intruders’ chances of entering your home and getting away with your valuables. Suppose your insurer doesn’t consider reducing your monthly premiums after making all these efforts to reduce the risk of thieves breaking into your home. In that case, it is high time you find another policy and let your current insurer know why you are doing so.

Know Your Locks

Most insurance companies prefer a five-lever mortice lock, so if you want to upgrade your locking system, this is the best choice. It gives you some peace of mind. Besides, some policies may make this a requirement for you to be eligible for a discount. You can also consider multi-point locking systems that offer maximum security as three-lever locks. However, these use three locking points.

Single Rule Is Not for All

This is the primary consideration if you want to replace one type of Calgary window with another. The insurance policies give a specific kind of lock suitable for a particular window design. Nevertheless, a separate policy that accepts a preferred lock for different window locations may not be universal. For instance, the bedroom window specifications on the third floor may be lower than those for patio replacement windows.

Be Abreast with The Special Cases

As mentioned above, policies are sometimes very particular in their requirements-reasons for lengthy paperwork statements. It is imperative to understand all the lines in their policies that concern you and comply with their requirements. Failing to comply with just one minor information can have your insurance invalidated. One classic example of this is French windows; in ch, apart from a key-operated lock, need to have a key-operated mortice rock on the upper and lower parts of the two doors.


It doesn’t matter the part in Calgary where you live, and if you want to carry out complete Calgary windows replacement or minor repairs. It is important to consider whether carrying out that project will minimize your monthly insurance premiums. If not, it doesn’t cost anything to return to the drawing table.

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