Tips For The Maintenance Of Your Kitchen Cabinet

In the domain of your kitchen, the kitchen cabinets are the most expensive and planned out investment that is usually made by homeowners. Although they are categorized as a long-term investment, they can be rendered durable and productive over a prolonged period of time only when they are attended to with regular maintenance. Not only does this help your kitchen cabinets look as good as new, but also they contribute to their functionality in keeping your kitchen as organized and accessible as possible.

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Nevertheless, it can be difficult to chart a plan that will assist you in keeping your cabinets functional and clean without some basic instructions. Following is a list that will be of use to you in the maintenance of your kitchen cabinets.

Establishing a Cleaning Schedule

This is the first step towards the long-term goal of extending the productivity of your kitchen cabinets. You must put in place a routine that necessitates the cleaning of your cabinets and keeping it free of any accumulated dust or debris. Usually, dusting and cleaning the exterior surface of your kitchen cabinets can be down every two weeks or so. The interiors of your cabinets would need to be rearranged every four to six months. If you have a bigger family and are constantly stocking the shelves of the cabinet, make sure that you allocate specific places for the different kinds of equipment or food in the cabinet to make the cleaning easier.

Select the Proper Tools

As the kitchen cabinets happen to be the locus of your kitchen’s aesthetic and décor, it is vital that they are always in their top condition. Even a tiny defect could completely mar the appeal of the entire kitchen. This would be achieved by the employment of the correct tools for cleaning. You must be using soft brushes and cloth to wipe and dust the surface of the cabinets so that there is no chance of a scratch or a blemish being left behind. While cleaning with a cloth, choose one that is lint-free and made of cotton. Pre-moistened dusting sheets would not be advisable as they might contain chemicals that could corrode the cabinet surface. Make sure that you don’t use aerosol existing products as well. Be cautious of waxing your cabinets too. Waxing and using polishing compounds on the surface of the cabinets might lead to the accumulation of a thin layer of product that will yellow over time. Upon waxing, your cabinets might be more susceptible to dust build-up, which upon hardening will be very difficult to remove and can damage the laminated surface.

Glass Doors

If your cabinets have glass doors installed, you must take extra care in cleaning them. Be certain to only use ammonia-free glass overspray on a cotton cloth or a paper towel. This spray cleaner must never be sprayed directly on the glass surface as it could corrode the cabinet surface or permeate behind the window dividers and dampen the area, facilitating discoloration, peeling of the laminates, or the growth of mold.

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