All About Vape Juice and Vape Juice Flavors

With vape juice, vaping has never been more exciting. Vape juice or e-juice is the fluid used in electronic cigarettes and it creates the vapor. An incredibly flavored e-juice is exactly what vaping is all about.

E-juice flavors are vast to cater to individual tastes and preferences. If strawberry is your thing, get cloudy with the strawberry flavor. If it is chocolate, then get yourself the chocolate flavor.

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Also, nicotine levels vary. What you need is what you get. If you have mad love for nicotine, you can choose an e-juice with high concentrations of nicotine. It can also be zero nicotine for those who are anti-nicotine. Or perhaps lower concentrations are your preference. You can experiment with the different concentrations until you find something that works well for you.

Vape juice comes in a wide range of flavors including categories like food, fruit, vegetables, cocktails, and tobacco blend. Food flavors include wafer, pizza, and cake. Fruit flavors include watermelon, mango, grape, strawberry, among others. Cocktail flavors can include wine, beer or brandy. Some flavors are a mixture of fruits and food, food and cocktails. The blends are endless. We cannot list them all even if tried.

With all these flavors, how do you even start to pick a favorite? It is a hard task, right? Luckily for you, we have categorized these flavors to help you narrow down your search to flavors that would work for you.

For the sweet tooth

Are you a fan of sweets? Vape juice NZ offers you endless possibilities with all things sweet. For the satisfaction of your sweet tooth, you will find flavors like donuts, loops, cookies, apple pudding and so much more.

For the adventurous soul

If you are not afraid to try out new things, then I guess some of these flavors might interest you. They are fun and adventurous. They include pancakes, egg custard, circus coconut cake, cheesecake fantasy, bacon and many more.

For the fruit lover

Who doesn’t like fruit? For those who are in love with fruits, here are a few fruit flavors you can choose from: Pineapple, watermelon, guava, mango, the list goes on and on.

However, keep in mind that different brands may have fruit flavors which taste differently. One manufacturer could have a very sweet pineapple flavor and another a much less sweet pineapple flavor.

For the weirdo

With these flavors, it is all about going extra. They include hot dog, black pepper, beer, crab legs. As you can see, these flavors are all about the strange and crazy.

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