5 Important Points to Consider When Travelling with Pets

We all hate leaving our pets at home when we go on our travels, coming home a week or two later to their reproachful faces. That week or two of living with an unfriendly cat, or overly clingy dog guilt-tripping you afterwards isn’t great.

Dogs especially can benefit from being taken on travels, but the big worry is always going to be about the feasibility of travelling with pets. Is it more expensive? Is it awkward or difficult? Here are 5 things to consider when you’re travelling with pets. Everyone worries about their pets when they’re on holiday, here’s the best ways to avoid that.

Should you take them With You?

What’s the alternative to taking them on holiday with you? Well, it depends. You can put dogs and cats in kennels or catteries, but that can be extremely unsettling for them. Leaving them with friends or relatives can work well for any type of pet, but unless they’re very familiar with the friend or relative, it’s still going to be unsettling, and most of us don’t really want to put our friends or family out. When it comes to going travelling when you own pets, there simply aren’t that many options that are fair to the animals, or cheap for you.

1. Pet-Friendly Hotels

You’re going to need somewhere to stay with your pet, right? That’s exactly when you don’t want to discover the hotel you’ve booked is less than pet-friendly. Make sure you look in advance to find the right pet friendly hotel, or accommodation.

2. Is Your Pet Healthy?

Travelling with an older, sick or injured pet is not a good idea. The stress of travel, whether it’s by plane, car or train, is going to exacerbate any existing condition they have. Even if your pet loves travelling, if their condition is bad, the risk simply isn’t worthwhile.



3. Research Local Rules and Policies

Make sure you know all about local laws on transporting animals, especially quarantine laws. Maybe get your pet microchipped, and given a clean certificate of health by your vet. Make sure they’re up to date on all their vaccinations, and generally be sure that your pet is the healthiest it can be, and can prove it.

4. Be Careful on the Road

Don’t ever leave your pet alone in the car, as it can result in dehydration and other issues even on a mildly warm day. Feed your pets hours before you set off so they don’t vomit, and exercise dogs so they’re a little more likely to sleep. Don’t forget snacks and water for them.

5. Flying with Pets Should be a Last Resort

Pets and flying generally don’t really mix. Flying for most people can be stressful, nauseating, and unpleasant, imagine how it is for a dog or cat with no idea what’s going on. You should only take your pets on a plane if there’s absolutely no other alternatives. If you follow guidelines, however, it can be perfectly safe.

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