Ganji Dental Finally Has an Answer Why People Are Afraid of Dentists

Ganji Dental is a dental clinic based in Hawthorne that provides patients with different services. In their recent blogs, they have narrowed down why people are afraid of dentists, and they have also given out the solutions for it.

They believe that every human is different, and they all have other reasons to fear dentists.

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But the main reasons are:

  1. Afraid of the sharp object used during treatment or check-up
  2. A bad experience, possibly in their childhood, which then resulted in trauma forever
  3. The “Pain” is not always so much, but people might be afraid of it, too.
  4. Last but not least is the cost.

For some people, it might not only be one of them but a mix and match of the problems listed above.

The treatment they have suggested is to see the dentist not as someone who will operate on you but as your friend. Things are always different when we start seeing a friend in someone, and it would be a lot easier to let them operate on us as we would develop a sense of trust in them then.

Ganji Dental offers some treatments at their dental clinic, and they strongly believe that a person can be treated more effectively if provided an environment of the home.

Some of their treatments are:

  1. Veneers
  2. Dental implants
  3. Tooth Extractions
  4. Dentures
  5. Gum treatments
  6. Root canals
  7. Composite white filling
  8. Porcelain crown

A good dentist with great experience and qualifications is what everyone seeks, but how about a little mash-up of it with a lot of friendly people around you who will treat you as a client and make you feel comfortable?

They believe in helping everyone with their dental and oral issues while providing them with a special at-home environment. Their slogan reads, “we treat you like family,” which is true, and they believe that this is the best way to help others.

Their doctors are professionals and friendly people who, outside of work, enjoy their time doing some leisure activities and know how to have a good mental and close relationship with their patients.

Some of their highly qualified and experienced doctors are:

Dr. Sam J. Ganji DDS

Dr. Sam is a native of southern California and is currently obtaining his doctorate from there. He was a student at UCLA, where he received his bachelor’s degree in psychobiology. He works with different organizations to get more experience and help unprivileged people.

He is always up to date with the latest technology and techniques and always keeps looking out for more. He always thrives on providing patients with the most effective, efficient, and highest-quality treatment possible.

My favorite part of his job is how every patient comes up with something unique, and then he has to look into the matter deeply to provide the best solution for the problem. Dr. Sam has an amiable nature, and in his free time, he likes to spend more time with his family and friends playing outdoor games, which keeps him fresh all the time.

Dr. David Sasha Ganji DMD

Dr. David is very avid about his work and patients. He believes strongly that everyone deserves to smile as much as they want and no one should be ashamed of their teeth; he lowkey how patients who have struggled to smile or laugh their whole lives openly suddenly start to smile more, which boosts their self-esteem and gives them a new joy of life.

Dr. Ganji is a local of Southern California, and he received his bachelor’s degree in psychobiology from UCLA and attended the prestigious school of Pennsylvania School of Dental Care. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and graduated as a lead student.

Dr. Ganji always keeps looking out to gain more experience and helps his brothers, colleagues, and other fellow surgeons in all cases.

Dr. Ganji loves spending time with his friends and family, too.

Mission AS A Dentist

Every person in this world deserves to smile as much as they want without the fear of their teeth looking bad. Many people have a complex about their teeth and are always worried about how they look when they talk or laugh.

No one ever has to live with that, and they should get the treatment they deserve from the right doctors so they can have their self-esteem back and stop worrying whenever they laugh and don’t have to cover their face with their hands.

As a dentist, they provide the most effective treatments for all kinds of problems. They use modern tech to offer you the the best services, like x-rays and digital/intra-oral photography, to understand the problem and clearly treat it properly. This helps them clearly see your current gum and teeth condition.

Also, they offer free X-rays to their new patients.

Their treatments are not just for the gums; they also provide cosmetic treatments.

Many of their patients are very happy with their results, and they approve that their promises are not just words. Still, they also fulfill them by making that place not only professional but also friendly and making their patients feel at home.

Their patients admit they found the problem in people being afraid of dentists. Still, they also found the most accurate solution by providing them with a friendly and polite environment.

They claim that they are not afraid of going to the dentist anymore as they used to be before, and now they feel good after and before every treatment they receive. of course, teeth are a part of the body that one cannot compromise on.

Their website and other pages are filled with positive responses from their regular clients or those headed to them in emergencies. Their Yelp ratings and comment sections are filled with positive energy from clients.

Not only do they resolve the problem by being friendly with you, but they also keep in mind that some people are afraid of dentists because they cost a lot, which is why they have multiple affordable offers. You don’t have to worry about finance a lot, either.

For starters, as mentioned above, they offer free x-rays, and also free oral examination for their new customers and then a range of multiple offers from which you can choose whatever suits you and get your job done in the most comfortable environment among some friendly people and also in your budget.

They offer free dental implant consultation, which can cost around $195 in normal circumstances, but they offer it for free by considering their clients’ comfort.

They also offer a lot of free information on their website through blogs on keeping your teeth healthy and maintaining their shine.

They understand that people have many concerns regarding oral care and consider them all; they offer some helpful solutions to all their clients and others seeking help in this regard. Not only do they provide valuable advice but some practical solutions too.

For example, if you are concerned with staining your teeth after whitening or maintaining their whiteness, they have many practical solutions. Bad breath or chewing tobacco risks; they help you with everything.

Their patients are their priority, but helping everyone maintain healthy teeth is what they seek; they are always happy and ready to help.

Their experience is what you can count on, and their friendly nature will make you believe this statement.


You can always visit them as they have one of the best Hawthorne Dentists available for your service. You can plan a visit to them or, before that, look at their photo gallery on their website to be assured of their work and how promising they are.


Whether you want a regular dental check-up or some cosmetic surgical help, they are always there to help. Also, they treat serious problems like mouth cancer or other issues, which are critical, but with their service, you can get over it all very quickly.

Their timings are flexible, but in the case of an emergency, they will always be available.

Ganji Dental
14650 Aviation Blvd Ste 220
Hawthorne, CA 90250

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