Live Edge Coffee Tables Are Cutting Edge Décor

You can only live with the same furniture for so long before you start to get bored and to think up ways to redecorate your home. With so many design choices to choose from, it’s often hard to nail down the best quality piece for your home and budget. Having custom wood furniture made is an option that too many people miss out on because they mistakenly think it’s outside their budget.

In the short term, you save time hunting for the perfect piece of furniture. If you’re a picky decorator, willing to hold out until you find the perfect piece for your living room, you can wind up spending weeks or even months at furniture markets, big box stores, and antique dealers. You can spare yourself the effort by going straight to a custom wood furniture company that will make the exact piece of furniture you want.

In the long term, solid wood furniture has the potential actually to save you money. Big box furniture is not built to last – it wobbles, gets dented, and eventually winds up on the curb as soon as 5 or 10 years after you buy it. A company like Woodcraft, which custom builds wood furniture in Toronto, designs and builds pieces that are meant to stand up to the test of time. By spending a little more today, you can dramatically reduce your lifetime expenditure for replacement furniture.

If you’re going the custom route, one of the hottest design trends of the past few years has been the live edge coffee table. You find them in hip coffee shops, trendy restaurants, trend-setting workplaces, and more. They make great, eye-catching co-working spaces when they’re built for open-concept spaces, but they can also make a lasting impression in your living room.

If you’re seeking to change the design feeling of a room, investing in a live edge coffee table will change the look of a room instantly. A quality wood coffee table will give your living room an edge, but with a rustic, natural feel to it. It’s easy to see why these great live edge wood furnishings have taken off in popularity; they furnish a room with a compelling texture and detail that’s fully functional. When you order a live edge coffee table from Woodcraft, you also get to choose the type of wood, stain, and size of the piece. Choose between oak, maple, wormy maple, vintage cherry, pine, and a wide range of stains or even custom colors.

Live edge wood furniture is a bold and daring addition to your home, but it’s one that also incorporates the timelessness of wood. It’s also easy to maintain, and all it takes to clean is a cloth. One thing to keep in mind when you receive a new wood coffee table straight from a custom wood furniture company is that it may still need to dry. The experts at Woodcraft recommend controlling the humidity or heat in your home when it first arrives and abstaining from using solvents to clean it until it’s dried completely.

When you want to replace your old furniture and give your home a new look, consider a live edge coffee table, a stunning showpiece that you’ll be sure to love for years to come.

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