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Why You Should Work for the Federal Government

One of the biggest impacts the outbreak has caused on the economy is the massive jump in unemployment. According to ABC News, another 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, adding to the approximately 10 million people who have already filed for benefits since the US’s pandemic spread. As people struggle to find ways to make a living, it’s important to get a better view of the situation and what lies in the future. The Federal Government may be a good place to start if you’re looking for work. Here’s why.

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Job Security and Stability

Very rarely does work in the Federal Government stop. Even during this pandemic, their work must continue one way or another. Granted, this poses risks, but some would consider this more important now, particularly when there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the economy. According to Glassdoor, 10 percent of the people who wrote good reviews about the Federal Government mentioned job security as one reason.

Making a Difference

This reason easily makes it at the top of the list, but stability is more applicable to current circumstances. Making a difference is at the core of government. People who work there do their jobs well to improve the lives of others. If you believe in a cause, the government is usually the best place to drive lasting change. But this comes with a caveat. Affecting real difference is a long and arduous process requiring hard work and patience. If you’re up for the challenge, go for it.

Pay and Benefits

Contrary to what some may believe, government salaries are competitive with their private sector counterparts. Especially if you have an impressive resume, great pay is not out of the question. It makes sense for the Federal Government to want to hire and keep the best of the best.

The benefits federal employees get can also exceed those from the other sectors. For more information about these benefits, the government’s website has a beneficial article detailing them.

Plus, since you’re working for the government, there’s very little to no chance that compensation packages will not be delivered as promised.

It’s worth mentioning that although you won’t starve working in government, you won’t necessarily get rich either. This is because there are salary caps in place for federal employees. The Office of Personnel Management has guides for national pay rates on its website.

Not Just in DC

You can find federal employees virtually anywhere. Eighty-five percent of federal jobs are located outside Washington, DC. Also, 50,000 of those jobs are not even in the US. Depending on your specialization, the nature of your work, and the agency you work for, you may work in your dream city. Here’s a breakdown of federal jobs by state.

Wide Range of Fields

Whether you have a public administration degree, a list of published scientific papers to your name, or a skill certification, there’s a place in the Federal Government for you. You can pursue your interests and talents in the field you want while serving the public.

There has also been a push for a more effective federal hiring process. According to the Merit Systems Protection Board, this better process will produce higher-quality job candidates. From a job seeker’s perspective, you’ll be able to find a better fit for your skills and experiences.

Challenging and Impactful

Your government work will be more challenging than a similar job in other sectors, mostly because it is more impactful. It is also usually at a grander scale compared to its counterparts. If you want more compelling work where your contributions matter greatly, government work is for you.

Work-Life Balance

There may be a shift from rigid work arrangements in the future, particularly because of the realization of the pandemic. Still, federal employees are taking advantage of flexible work hours, remote work, and other similar arrangements. Available leave credits are also more generous compared to other sectors. Plus, you likely wouldn’t have to come to work during federal holidays. This is perfect if you have other priorities like family or higher education.

Professional Development

There are excellent opportunities in the Federal Government for professional growth. Training courses and career plans are commonplace. The government invests in your development because they want employees to realize their potential, learn new things, and stay in their jobs.

Although a little dated, this 2014 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that federal employees had the highest median tenure at 8.3 years, compared to those who worked in the private sector and even in state governments. They even offer scholarships and education grants for government employees.

Choosing a place to work comes down to personal preference. But if you had the option to work anywhere, deciding to share your skills in a position where you can have the most impact is always noble. Given all the benefits waiting for you, it’s as good as it gets.

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