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Understanding the essence of Social Gaming

Website and application developers not only need to build great user experiences and journeys but need to understand what makes a game or an app engaging and keeps bringing the players back. For instance, the online casino genre sees unprecedented popularity with some of the most engaged and repeat customers. The reason? Developers of casino games and apps have incorporated Meta game features for these apps to be so engaging and interactive.

Therefore, you can find a wider choice of unique rewards, challenges and even purchasing options that provide more value to the players. Social players may or may not play for real money, but they definitely pay a lot of attention to the features and unique experience a website provides.

The Social Gaming Environment - MP1st

Who are social gamers?

To understand, the sophisticated Meta features of social casino games, we must first understand the concept of social gambling or gaming and the players who indulge in these games first.

This classification works for both social players and real money players and provides great insight into the demographic:

  1. Types of Players
  2. Excitement players

As the name suggests, excitement players are those who get motivated by the excitement and idea of gambling and the sheer thrill they experience while playing. Yes, money can be a motivation but that’s perhaps not their primary thrill. They are simply looking for a fun ride, regardless of the outcome.

  1. Destress players

The casino route is quite popular to destress and unwind. It offers a great escape from the daily stress and grind. For such players, casino games provide the much needed outlet to switch off from their routine and let off some tension.

  1. Functional players

Many players go to the casino, online or otherwise to socialize with friends or out of boredom. Winning is secondary. The functional role that they get out of playing casino games is the main deal.

  1. All-purpose players

This category of players may enjoy gaming for all the aforementioned reasons, yet they also hope to make some significant wins because winning is a different high. The particular game or theme may not be as important as the chance to make profits.

2. Progress or succession

Since social players are in it for the thrill or relaxation, progression is an important element of social casino games. It gives players a layered and rich experience than the one where the focus is simply on winning individual sessions.

Here the players appreciate the added value that complements the main game. It means adding unblockable features, collecting coins or rewards, or even statistics that showcase the success rates. Here’s how it works:

  1. Unlocking features as you go

Many casino games have integrated mini-games into their titles to encourage players. These can only be accessed when players reach a certain level of the game. This will also allow casinos to add in-app purchase packages to unlock the next level of features.

  1. Loyalty program

Why is the retention so high in casino games? The answer lies in loyalty programs. They build lasting relationships with players and give them more reasons to return.

When players level up and buy in-app, they collect rewards and points that lead bigger things, such as exclusive in-game benefits to move through different levels.

  1. Difficulty levels

Players don’t want a game that’s too easy nor too hard. For casual players especially, the aim is not to refine their skills but rather enjoy the experience. However, there is a very wide set of players that play casino games and asking yourself ‘Why are they playing’ will give you better insight in framing the difficult levels and customized progression levels for playing.

3. Leaderboards and challenges

As detailed in the player types above, many simply play to satisfy their competitive streak. When online casinos add leaderboards and weekly playoffs, it is an added incentive for players to pick your games and may be the deciding factor for them to keep coming back. Some ways in which you can implement these:

  • Leagues or tournaments: Leagues are a great way to cater to the competitive players. Sites like offer monthly specials that let players participate in big competitions and the opportunity to win prizes like gadgets, holidays and even cash bundles. Tournaments are held every 15 minutes and the best players get their name into the leaderboard.
  • Clubs: Many sports betting sites such as let players to join in a club. In the new clan, they collect great rewards for helping out their fellow players and also compete in club events.
  • Weekly playoffs: Weekly playoffs are another retention strategy that give players regular challenges and something to look forward to every week. This is a habit forming feature and something that turns a casual visitor into a life-long fan.

Social plays a huge role in casino games. From inbox messaging systems to chat-bots, and referral programs, inviting friends using social media, there are many features and ways in which online casinos can tap into the vast social gaming demographic.

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