Amazing Tournament Intrigue of the Premier League

The last season, Manchester City confidently won the English Premier League. However, we remember how only one year ago, Chelsea had done the same, and after that fell to the 5th place in the standings. That is why we can surely say that we are looking forward to the next season where it will be extremely difficult to predict the final triumpher.

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In the 2017/18 campaign Josep Guardiola’s team quickly had a head start on their competitors. By the middle of the season, the City showed a record winning streak, and also managed to actually ‘kill’ the champion’s intrigue. The remaining teams could only fight for getting into the Champions League zone. As a result, the lucky ones included:

  •         Manchester United;
  •         Tottenham;
  •         Liverpool.

However, Chelsea and Arsenal failed to cope with their tasks. If the Blues managed to rehabilitate themselves at the FA Cup by winning this honorable trophy, the Gunners ended the season at a record low. As a result, the legendary Arsene Wenger, who coached the team for 22 years, left the club.

Immediately, the Premier League started off with surprises: notorious transfers and coach assignments, the most significant of which is currently an invitation of Unai Emery to lead Arsenal. Let’s see if the Spanish specialist will be able to improve the results of Wenger, or the Frenchman really played his cards right.

Main Intrigues of the Upcoming Season

There is no doubt that in the coming season we will see the incredible intrigue during the fight for the title. Even the phenomenal 100 points that the City scored last season are not at all a guarantee that Guardiola’s players will be able to repeat their triumph next year. Premier league table is always discussed passionately because sometimes teams have equal points, and the judges have to rely on extra factors.

The main competitors of the Citizens are their neighbors from United, as well as Liverpool that has become much stronger. After the Champions League finals Klopp’s team has already signed a number of players who are meant to strengthen problematic positions. It is particularly needed for post number 1, since it is obvious that Loris Karius can not cope with the pressure during important matches.

Thus, the upcoming season promises to be a battle between teams that profess fundamentally different styles of football. That is why it will be even more interesting to watch their matchups. Undoubtedly, we can look forward to see a lot of surprises both from the favorites and from the clubs that were considered underdogs.

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