Gone are the days when collecting comic [null,2,0]  books could bring you a small fortune in a couple decades. Unless you have some that are from the 70s or earlier you’re probably not going to get much out of them. It seems like it’s sometimes really hit or miss when it comes to collectibles at any time, and it’s also sometimes all about finding the right buyer.

While there are items that are always worth something, like precious metals, those too can fluctuate in their worth. There is no guarantee when it comes to antiques and collectibles if you’re investing in them in hopes of a big monetary return in the future. Nonetheless, to some, they still remain a good investment. Here are some things you might want to consider purchasing or holding onto for future money in hand.

Precious Metals

Gold and silver will always be worth something, even when actual money is no longer worth anything. While the prices of both of these precious metals will always fluctuate some, gold often stays at a higher standpoint. When the prices are low it’s a good time to stock up, then when they get high you can sell or hold onto the stuff.

Don’t just [null,0,3,0,3]. You can find gold and silver in your jewelry box as well. Never get rid of any jewelry, or pass up any at a rummage sale or thrift store, before checking to see if it’s actual gold or silver (toss that plated stuff, though).



Vintage Electronics

Just a couple years ago, someone sold a vintage Apple computer for a great deal of money. While it seems like most electronic equipment is a dinosaur within months of it coming out, there are some electronics that will gain in worth. Consider saving first versions of any tech, as they could turn out to be worth something one day.

People even continue to collect video games and video game systems of those that are no longer produced, from the first Nintendo system all the way back to the Atari systems and those that came before it. Some games are harder to find than others, making them worth even more.

Other Vintage Stuff

Some people collect vacuums, some collect old rock t-shirts, while others collect old magazines. The real key to making money on antiques, vintage items, and collectibles is to find someone that collects them and is willing to pay top dollar.

If you’re taking your comic books to the comic book store you’ll get less from them than you would by selling to a collector that isn’t intended on reselling them (not right away, anyway). To find out what people are collecting and paying the most for you can check sites like Craig’s List, or even look in your local paper.