Taking Your SEO Services to the Next Level with SERP Trackers Tools

As a webmaster or an online marketing agency, you can use many available tools and approaches to create high-quality content, perform keyword research, or optimize your clients” site’s SEO. This is very important to your business success; most search engines, particularly Google, use different methods, such as keyword density analysis, content quality, and analysis, among other features, to rank your page on the search result page. However, keyword research, planning, and quality content are not enough to boost your SEO business. You could still have difficulties assessing your SEO marketing campaign and showing the clients the impact of your SEO efforts. SERP tracking will closely monitor your marketing strategy performance and provide informative reports informing your decision-making.


Importance of SERP Tracking

Whether you are dealing with a blog, an online cart, or an e-commerce website, good SERP trackers will be useful in:

  • Real-Time Monitoring Of Your SEO Ranking – It identifies your website positions on the search result page. This will help you evaluate your performance to take the right action promptly. The tool also sends instant notifications in case of a drastic drop in rank.
  • Progress Reporting – You can use reports and graphs generated by the tracker to update your clients on the marketing campaign progress and show your SEO services’ impact on their business. You can use such reports as an SEO expert to recommend client changes.
  • Increasing Traffic To Your Site – The tracking solution can be used to identify and exploit the new opportunity to increase natural traffic to your website. This can be done by analyzing the keyword suggestion and grouping capabilities, monitoring backlinks, and analyzing competitors’ activities.

Choosing the Right Rank Tracking Tools

Choosing an ideal SEO tracking solution can be tough, with many options available today. However, some primary features matter most, no matter your rank tracking requirements or the website type. These primary features include:

  • Accuracy – The main goal of SEO rank tracking is to precisely tell where your site ranks so that you can adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly. Given the uniqueness of every search engine search, your preferred rank tracker should be able to show your position in any situation efficiently.
  • Multiple Rank Tracking Criteria – An ideal SERP tool should provide location and mobile rank tracking. As the use of mobile devices increases every day, there is a need for web admins and SEO service providers to be able to tell where they rank among the millions of searches from mobile devices. This allows you to get ranking reports based on geographical locations.
  • Supported Search Engines – Though Google is the most popular search engine, many others are important to your business. At the minimum, your rank tracker should be able to provide rank results from at least 5 top search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
  • White Label Report Feature – The tracking solutions should allow you and your client to customize the generated reports to promote your brand.
  • Number Of Keywords – You should always go for a tracker that supports approximately double the current number of keywords. This enhances scalability in case you get new clients, or the number of keywords for your sites grows more than expected.
  • Rank Updates – A good tracker should update rankings at least daily. It should also notify you in the event of a drastic change to check what is happening.
  • Data Presentation And Organization – You need to check whether the data organization is clear and accurate as you would like. Your rank tracker should be organized and neat, with auto-generated graphical illustrations for quick understanding. Most trackers allow you to customize data representation and select which SEO ranking metrics to analyze. The interface should also be user-friendly and portable across your laptop and mobile devices.
  • Pricing And Plan – Different services cost differently. It is always important to consider a service offering the most features at the lowest cost possible. Though most rank-tracking services are affordable, getting the most value for your money makes sense.
  • Other Special Features – On top of the basic must-have features, a tracker that offers more useful services will be a plus to your business if you land. Such features may include cloud-smart decision-making tools, sub-accounts, user managers, and API integration.

If you run an SEO business, get the best rank tracker with features that make it easy to perform your duties and, at the same time, improve your clients’ experience.

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