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First 6 things to do with your oneplus 6

One Plus has created brand loyalty seen by all their customers. Users wait for the next launch, and if you, after your convincing research, have purchased the shiny new One Plus six phones, congratulations. You should know you are the proud owner of one of the best smartphones today. There is no reason to wait if you have just heard about the great Phone and wish to purchase it. In any case, the Phone is a great value product; if there are concerns about the price, look for the Amazon upcoming sale.

Now, let’s come to the amazing things one should do with their handset. The Phone is designed with so many features, yet there are the top 6 things mentioned here that will directly influence the experience you will have.

First 6 things to do with your oneplus 6 1

Setup Face Unlock: Security comes before you start stuffing your Phone with all the important data. Quickly ensure that only you and no one else can unlock it. Setting up the Face unlock system is not very difficult, and you can follow these simple steps.

  • Go to setting
  • Go down to Security and Lock Screen
  • Select Face Unlock and enter the facial data.

This method is plain and simple, yet there are other things that you must add to make sure that the Phone is safe. The Face unlock assistive light option switches the Phone’s backlight to a low light setting. The other option is the ‘Auto unlock after the screen is on’ chance, and after turning it off, the lock screen will be shown instead of the home screen, allowing the user to unlock faster and better.

TRY OUT NAVIGATION GESTURES: The new age talks about gesture navigation control, and anything else like software navigation is old. While talking about the One Plus 6, there are a lot of iPhone X-like gestures. It is like a kid’s play, and using the gestures allows you to enjoy the full immersive display minus any controls or buttons to obstruct the view. To enable the navigation gestures, please follow the steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Go to buttons
  • Check for navigation bar gestures.
  • Toggle the switch for the third option.

Using the gesture controls, you can easily swipe up to return home or swipe up and up and hold to check the Phone’s open apps.

Check out the Dual Volte: One of the most exciting features about the oneplus6 Phone is the dual Volte feature. This feature means that you can use any of your SIM cards to make HD calls. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is why this feature is made available to the users. This can be done simply by checking the settings option and going to the SIM settings. Look for VOLTE and enable the same. Something that you must remember here is that the VOLTE setting must be toggled for both the same. Hence, you must repeat the same steps for the other SIM to enjoy a high-quality calling option and many more things.

Set the alert slider: Not all Smartphone users get this alert slider, which the OnePlus users enjoy. This is something that allows you to swap between the settings easily. This is handy when you move from a meeting and then go ahead for a movie. The position of the phone slider in Oneplus6 is on the right side. Set it up so that the Phone will be on a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on the top. This means no activity whatsoever. In the center, go for vibration if there is a call or a message; at this, the ringer is turned off, and there are no notification sounds. All the way down, the Phone will be set to normal with a ring or vibration or both, signaling for any noise when any activity is being done.

Check the wake options: When you wish not to press any buttons and check the content immediately, you have the wake option in your Oneplus 6 phone. You can check the correct setting to awaken the Phone instantly when you have lifted it. All you have to do is

  • Go to settings
  • Look for display
  • Locate ambient display
  • Turn on the ‘Lift Display’ option.

You can also turn on the setting to wake the Phone with a double tap on the screen. The added benefit is a reverse version, wherewith the same double-tap.

Click Pictures: Yes, not all you have to do is related to settings; you must click pictures with the new handset. Use the portrait mode and check out the two cameras in and out. Play with the features like blurring the background while clicking a close picture. For social media enthusiasts, there are bubbles, hearts, and stars added to the ground. Check your selfie for sure when you are at the camera trials. You can check the portrait mode using the camera app by tapping the word at the bottom. There will be a few steps that will guide you to the perfect shot. If you are an enthusiast, then it is a must that you check out the pro mode. It is easy to swipe up from the bottom to pull up the option. Click on Pro Mode and explore ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and many more options.

You must realize that this is just a small list of the many features that your new Phone provides. You should click on the Find My phone feature for safety before any others are experimented with. Happy exploring.

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