It is always exciting to rent a limousine for memorable events. They make the outing additionally energizing and include an additional level of fervor and buzz to your special occasion. Butare you aware of the standards of acceptable behavior in a limousine? Read below to find out.

1. Treat your driver with respect

It is very impolite to yell at your driver and talk to him in a disrespectful tone. Do not force him to do anything unlawful such as speeding, going in hazardous territories, and so on. Don’t blame and point the finger at them for any issues with the limo. In case that you have any issues with your driver, contact the limousine service providers directly. The more you disturb the driver, the more troublesome it is for them to focus on while driving. It is important for them to have a good state of mind for a safe and secure drive



2. Treat the Limo better than your own car

One of the more essential limousine behavior rules is to treat the limousine far better than you would treat your own particular car. Try your level best to not harm or damageanything inside the limo and in case you’re having issues, approach the driver for help. Keep in mind that the limousine is not your own and the car will be hired by other users after you’re finished. In case that you bring the limo back harmed, you could be considered in charge of the repairs and you will end up paying a hefty amount.

3. Have a count of the passengers

It is always advisable to know the exact number of travelers who will ride in the limo or any luxury car that you’ve booked, make sure you tell the organization this number at the time of booking. By any chance if you have some additional passengers, it’s likewise great to inform them this so that they can figure out which of their vehicles will be the most comfortable for your gathering.

4. Bear in mind to tip

Tipping is an outflow of appreciation for the expert administration provided to you by your escort for a memorable limo ride. Commonly, you should tip your limo driver 15 to 20 percent of the rental expense.

5. Getting in and out of the car

The way you enter and exit from the car speaks a lot about you. If you are a women, do not just stride in or leap out of the car in a hurry. First sit down in the car and pull your legs in after the same thig is applied when you get out of the car, keep your legs together and exit in a graceful manner. If you are a man, you should organize your briefcase and papers and get out as a collected unit rather than first getting out the car and reaching in to collect your things showing your back towards the audience which is definitely not a nice visual.

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