Pick Out Rockin’ Booty Shorts for Your Next Rave

Booty shorts are a gift from on high. Not only are they some of the sexiest and most flattering bottoms you’ll find anywhere, but they’re also the perfect choice for a sweaty dance floor and a sprawling festival environment. If you’re comfortable enough to rock booty shorts, go ahead. But if you don’t have that confidence, that’s okay. These tips can help you pick out booty shorts that will suit you and match your next rave perfectly.

Pick Comfortable Materials

If you feel uncomfortable, you’re going to look awkward. Finding booty shorts that can work at a rave means finding breathable boots and a wick of moisture. They also need to be durable and feel good against your body. That can seem like a lot to demand, but some textiles are built with those exact demands.

Look for booty shorts constructed from polyester, nylon, or a combination. While fabrics like cotton may be recognized by standards, polyester, and nylon are the perfect choices for the inside of a club. In addition to being highly durable and incredibly lightweight, these fabrics tend to wick moisture right off their surface. They’re also resistant to stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling.

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Find a Pattern You’ll Love

Part of rave life is about expressing yourself as loudly and vibrantly as possible. That means you can go as wild as you want regarding designs. Pastels and glow-in-the-dark colors are obvious standards at raves, but any bright and colorful pattern or print can help you stand apart among the bodies and the pounding bass.

That said, garish patterns like bright pot leaves or pink dragons aren’t a necessity if you’re not feeling it. Rave outfits are about self-expression, and black, white, and plain pastel colors are still popular. And it’s important to remember that your booty shorts aren’t the only part of your outfit — at least not all the time. Trading an eccentric pattern for a solid print can benefit you if you want to coordinate it with multiple layers or complex accessories.

Remember that booty shorts can be worn for more than just raves, so you might want to opt for something you won’t feel embarrassed to wear at the gym.

Get the Fit Right

Booty shorts are supposed to be tight, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some finesse in how you decide to wear them. Shorts should obviously be close enough to show the curves of your booty, but they should not be so close that they cut off circulation.

Suppose you’ve opted for booty shorts made from synthetic fabric like nylon. In that case, the exceptional elasticity will make it much easier to get a good fit without worrying about cutting off the blood flow to the bottom half of your body. If you’re ordering online, it can be worth it to do some fitting in person first so you can know exactly what size you need your booty shorts to be.

Mix and Match Your Wardrobe

The simplicity of booty shorts means that you can wear them with almost any outfit, but it’s just the start for building out a rave look that’s fully yours. Find booty shorts that fit you, but don’t stop there. A new pair of booty shorts can be an excuse to go on a shopping bender. And there are plenty of booty shorts that come with matching tops.

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