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Types of Services and Equipment Used for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial areas are enormous and cannot be cleaned by a single person or by hiring janitorial services. Therefore, it can be safely stated that proper monitoring and specialized equipment for cleaning industrial facilities such as warehouses, power plants, and factories are required that can sweep away the toxic chemicals and dirt in no time.

Industrial areas are constructed in a tricky way, and they contain hazardous material which, if cleaned by manual laborers, can affect their health even with the safety gadgets on. Besides, there is a variety of different facilities that need to be handled using various equipment. The building contractor must hire trained men who can operate the equipment before going down the road.



Apart from cleaning the working sites, maintaining the industrial offices must be on the list too since the dust and dirt can come from the workstations to reside in the office’s corners. Cleaning the workstations is really important since sensitive machines operating day and night can be damaged due to dirt and dust of the materials used in the industry, such as paints, lubricants, metal shavings, and fiberglass. For taking care of machines and gunk affected areas, I have listed below types of equipment and services that can prove to be a blessing-

1) Asbestos Removal Services-

Industrial and manufacturing units constructed long back can come across the accumulation of asbestos on the drywalls, fireproofs, and other specific areas that can prove to be highly toxic and hazardous. Therefore, inspections by an asbestos removal company must get rid of the harmful substance on various surfaces.

2) Hydro Blasting and Power Pressure Washing –

Hydro blasting is a high-pressure washer blasting method used for removing stubborn paint and lead from the floor and other surfaces. It is mainly used to remove large mastic and high epoxy coating from industries, highways, parking lots, and airports.

Apart from hydro blasting, high-powered hot/cold pressure washing systems can get rid of stains, grease, and sticky dirt caused by materials used in the machines to produce quality products. They could be used to clean unreachable spaces and vast stretches of land in power plant stations or open workstations. They are time-savers and doesn’t require laborers to handle them, just a few trained men.

3) Mercury Spill Cleanup-

Mercury spill cleanup is necessary for facilities like warehouse floors, production floors, and assembly floors. The mercury vapors and mercury vapor sources can contaminate the air, making it toxic for workers to breathe.

4) Decontamination-

If you own the pharmaceutical industry, chemical spills can be dangerous, not just for the workers but also for the products you are manufacturing. Therefore, you must hire an industrial cleaning company that has trained decontamination professionals to ensure your workplace’s safety.

5) Industrial Vacuuming-

The common type of service that most industries use is industrial vacuuming cleaning, which has proved to help clean industrial floors, chemicals, metal shavings, debris, dirt, and more.

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