While hiring an airport limo, there are certain things to keep in mind to help save time and money and to avoid any situation of theft, insurance, accidents or compensations. You should always make your booking 2-3 weeks before your departure as urgent booking will cost you more and may cause delays. Here are some tips to consider before hiring an airport limo-

  1. Provide contact number-
    Make sure that you provide the cell number you’ll be using on the day of the travel to the agency as well as the driver and also ask for the driver’s number. This will ensure a smooth pick-up.
  2. Keep a copy of the confirmation number-
    A confirmation number would be required in case you get into any problems at the airport limo service.
  3. Keep your travel phone line open-
    Switch on your phone as soon as you land so that they are able to contact you. In case there is any problem, the service may have to reach you and arrange a last-minute curb-side pickup.
  4. Leave early for international departure
    Make sure you leave a little early for an international flight. Especially on Fridays and Sundays, as the rush is generally more and you might get stuck in traffic or in queues at the airport.
  5. Check your flight schedule
    It is important to check your flight schedule before leaving as their might be a delay or change in the schedule. This can be easily done online and immediately contact your limo service to arrange the change in date and time.
  6. A meet and greet service?
    This kind of service can be helpful if you are a first time traveller to a new place. A greeter will meet you and help you around at the airport till the time you are seated in the limo.
  7. Meet Chauffeur in the Baggage Claim area
    Chauffeurs are not allowed past the security checkpoints due to security upgrades but can meet you at the baggage claim.
  8. Curbside Pick-Ups
    In case you are in a hurry, you can always arrange a curb side pick-up. Just inform the airport limo service in advance and designate a pick-up spot.
  9. Book with the same service
    It is advisable to book the same limo service if you travel frequently. Being a regular customer will have many benefits as the service will know exactly what you require. You will be able to avoid any hassles or bad surprises. You may also be able to avail discounts on frequent bookings and even your last minute requests will be accommodated.

Just make sure that you hire the services of a company with a good track record and it will be much less expensive to book a limo if you book it weeks prior to your journey.
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