Hiring a Cleaning Company for End of Tenancy

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end of tenancy cleaning London offers. They will help clean the place before you leave. You can contact them for help at least a month or so before your contract ends. You can schedule an appointment once you check the rates and you agree with the details of the services provided.

Remove your things

The first thing to do is gradually remove any items you intend to take to the new workplace. You can also inform your employees about your plan to move to a different workspace so that they can start packing their things too.

Hire a moving company

If you have a lot of things in your workplace, you can ask a moving company to help. They will help pack the stuff and load it on the truck. You can wait until the items are already in your new workplace. With their help, you don’t need to worry what happens to the expensive things you need for work. The moving company will ensure they remain safe until they have moved all of them. Some moving companies have storage facilities; if you still don’t have a new workspace, you can keep all the items there temporarily.

Check for potential repairs

You need to find possible repair issues and fix them before you leave. However, if you can prove that the problem is a regular wear and tear issue, the landlord will consider it. If you can also show evidence that the problem already existed before you rented the place, you won’t need to fix it. If you caused the problem, you need to fix it.

Ask the cleaning company to come

When everything is ready, you can ask the cleaning company to come over and clean the place. They will ensure everything is in the best condition before you leave. The site will look as good as new. Since the area is almost empty, it will be easy to clean it. Some of these companies offer cleaning services for new workspaces too. After they clean the old workplace at the end of the tenancy, you can ask them to clean the new one too.

You are ready to leave

You can ask your landlord to check the place before you leave. If there are issues, your landlord will ask you to fix them, otherwise, you will receive your deposit, and you will be ready to go. Don’t forget to say thank you, since you might have other encounters in the future.

Before you do all these things, you need to be sure about your decision. You should only leave the current workspace when you find a better place, and you know that your company needs to move.

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