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Things You Never Knew About “Strictly Come Dancing”

One of the hottest shows on UK television is “Strictly Come Dancing,” which pairs celebrities with professional dancers and lets fans and judges vote on who should continue the competition. At least one pair leaves the show each week, and the final pair standing wins the big trophy. The show is so popular that it inspired spin-offs in countries worldwide like “Dancing With the Stars,” which airs in the United States. Even long-term fans of the show might be surprised at some of the facts about this popular dance series.

A Film Inspired the Name

The original version of the series, which started back in the late 1940s, was actually called “Come Dancing” and had a much different look. That version of the show ran until the early 1990s when the series added Strictly to its name. The studio behind the show wanted to popularize “Strictly Ballroom,” which was a hit film at the time. Though the show featured both normal people and some professional dancers, it wasn’t until 2004 that it brought in its first stars and became the show that so many people love today.


Lowest Scores

Though some fans watch the show and cheer for those who get the highest scores, others like watching and rooting for those who receive the

Inspiring Show

More than 50 countries around the world have their own versions of the show, but the version that airs on American television is one of the most popular versions. “Dancing With the Stars” aired its 24th season in 2017 and announced plans that same year to launch a junior version of the show that features younger celebrities and the children of famous people. Former winners of the show like Donny Osmond and Jennifer Gray later popped up on “Strictly Come Dancing” as guest judges. The next time your friends start talking about the show, surprise them with some of these fun facts.

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