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Protecting Your Stainless Steel with a Weld Cleaning Machine

Since its discovery in 1913 by Harry Brearly, stainless steel has been widely used commercially. This metal is used in the most innovative medical implants for everyday cutleries. Though highly reputed for its ability to resist corrosion, it is not entirely impervious to degradation. However, if the decline is still at its starting phase and only shows minor rusting, the stainless steel weld cleaning machine can easily reverse this problem.

Cause of stainless steel’s degradation

Chlorides are the primary culprit for the corrosion of stainless steel. Therefore, unless this metal is applied with a specialized coating, it can easily degrade in seawater.

Stainless steel can be easily rendered useless when welded with a dissimilar alloy. Galvanic or bimetallic corrosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by mixing two different metals via weld filler. Due to the electric current that passes through the surface, stainless steel starts accepting more electrons, leading to its corrosion. Furthermore, the addition of residual iron presence on steel disrupts its protective oxide layer, making this metal less resistant to rust.

Finally, applying extreme temperatures also lessens the capacity of stainless steel to withstand the effects of corrosion.

Cleaning Machine

How to weld cleaning works

Weld cleaning is a common procedure to increase metal surfaces’ resistance after MIG, TIG, and other welding types. As such, it is the perfect defense against bimetallic corrosion. This procedure typically involves using a cleaning machine, electric current, and cleaning solution.

The first step is applying the cleaning solution on the weld’s surface. After which, a machine brush is used to let the electricity pass through and eradicate rust. Using this technique with a portable machine’s aid is more convenient than an electrolytic bath – an alternative that requires weld to be submerged in an electrolytic fluid.


A stainless steel weld cleaning machine costs between $3,900 for the basic design and $ 6,500 for high-end ones. Aside from the machine, it would help if you also bought fluids specific to your needs. The fluid options available in the market can be used for pre-cleaning, polishing, neutralizing, weld cleaning, and finishing. Any of this fluid can cost between $55-120 per liter.

Shelling out thousands of dollars might be a significant investment on your part; however, the convenience it offers is worth its cost. A weld cleaning machine can quickly and effectively do its job. Furthermore, the electrochemical cleaning machine uses brushes that can reach all the nooks and crannies of your stainless steel weld. Therefore, you can cover all the areas that might acquire rust. You do not have to worry about wearing PPE during its application. As such, it offers the safest method for neutralizing corrosion.

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials in any industry. Despite its ability to withstand rust more than other metals, it can also be susceptible to this problem when exposed to an unfavorable environment. As a preventive measure or restorative procedure for minor corrosion, a weld cleaning machine can ensure that stainless steel keeps its protective oxide layer. Investing in this machine may initially seem costly, but its benefits outweigh the money you will be shelling out.

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