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Is the Viral Image of Jio Phone is Legit or It’s Only for Crowd Attraction?

Reliance Jio has Launched the Cheapest Smart 4G Feature Phone in the Country. The price of this phone is Only Rs. 1500/- which will be refunded after 3 years but the look of this phone with Hi-Tech Features is very Simple.

So many people eagerly waiting for this new phone, but these days Image of another Jio Phone is becoming viral. In this way, the user is confused about what the Real Model of Jio Phone. The Social Media is Discussing the Jio phone & to use this Opportunity person making Viral the Wrong Image of Jio phone.

In this Phone, the button position is exactly as it is on the Jio Phone that Launched a few days back. And when it comes to Jio Phone Model, it is different and even more Stylish. So the Biggest Question is Which Jio Phone will be Given to the user. There is a lot of Speculation about the Pre-Booking of Jio Phone from August 24, 2017, then what Delivery Service they will choose to Deliver the Phone.


On the Photo of the viral Jio Phone Image, the Providers showing that Phone is also from Jio. But this Photo is Released even before the Launch of Jio phone. These Phones will be given to the Beta Testers for Beta Testing. So that all the features of the Phone will work perfectly in the Launched Model. However, the company has not clarified the fact that How much MB per day is the Limit of this Phone. There’s No Explanation also about the Cameras of this Phone means whether this phone has a Front Camera & What about the Count of Mega Pixel in the Real Camera.

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