The Best Watch Brands In India

Watches are an essential part of almost every wardrobe, whether it is casual or business. A classic watch has the power of amplifying your look and make it more appealing, smart, and organised at a moment’s notice. A watch that is complementary to your look and style would make you stand out of a crowd. While it is true that the foremost objective of owning a watch is to keep track of time, there is no reason as to why you should limit the purpose of a watch to its functionality alone.

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With a wide spectrum of choices proffered to the consumers that are constructed to suit the proclivities of every look- ranging from classic to modern, to minimalist, and contemporary- there are too many brands to choose from and several good deals to benefit from. To make things easier, enumerated below is a list of the best brands of watches available in the market in India.


If you happen to have a preference for luxury watches that would add a classic spin to your wardrobe, the brand Giordano would be a fitting choice for you. It will instantly add a flair of sophistication to your business suits and could even be accessorised with a casual wardrobe. The look of the watches from this brand is clean, classic, modern- highly reflective of the citizen of this era. Giordano also dispenses a variegated design range, starting from digital, analogue, and chronograph display. They also come in quartz, hand-driven  and automatic options.


Fossil happens to be one of the most popular brands of watches in the Indian market. They have the provision of versatile styles and designs that are appropriate for all demographics. Fossil has been a long-standing manufacturer of quality watches, gaining a cult following from its regular customer base. Fossil has been a frontrunner as a watch brand for many reasons, one amongst them being it makes watches for both men and women, attracting equal amounts of support from both genders. They have also traversed over to the territory of smartwatches that are a lot more swanky and ultra modern. Although they are on the pricier side of the scales, this is an investment you will definitely not regret.

Casio watches are a true classic in this arena. They have been a favourite of the Indian consumer for a sustained period of time and they have always delivered on their quality and style in each and every design. Their range of products is too extensive to be categorised in a single sentence. Their versatile design can be adorned by all genders, classes, and professions. From basic to high-end, Casio watches can be a part of every wardrobe seamlessly.


Titan happens to the dearest of all watch brands in this country. A joint venture the venerated Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Titan has been catering to the tastes of the Indian consumers peerlessly. It is additionally the parent company of subsidiary brands like Sonata, Fastrack, and the like. The most promising feature of Titan watches is its universality. They come in almost all designs possible and can simultaneously be extremely budget-friendly and a part of your luxury watch collection. Today, buying watches online is a lucrative offer, given the range of discounts and deals.

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