The Most Common Types of Cancer

The past years have seen a rise in people affected by cancer. It’s one of the leading causes of death. This is mostly attributed to the major shift in lifestyles. Cancer is a group of diseases composing of abnormal cell growth. They attack a body part and spread to other neighboring body parts. It spreads quickly and infects a large area over a concise period of time.

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Doctors encourage people to be on the lookout for small abnormalities in the body and report to the nearest health centers. Early signs of cancer include a lump, drastic weight loss, persistent coughing, among others. For someone who wants a full-body screening and looking for a cancer center in Singapore, do some research and settle for a center that is well equipped with modern technology. It’s advisable for people already living with cancer to pay regular visits to their oncologist for check-ups.

Types of cancer

Cancers are named depending on the area they originated from and the type of cell they are composed of:

  • Carcinoma – The type of cancer that first attacks cells on the skin or tissues lining with other organs.
  • Leukemia- Affects the bone marrow.
  • Lymphoma and myeloma cancer affect the immune system making it weak.
  • Sarcoma – Affects the connective tissues in the body. These include bones, cartilage, blood vessels, and muscles.

Causes of cancer

The rise in cancer cases is mostly attributed to the great change in modern lifestyles.

  • Fad diets- People nowadays prefer consuming processed foods. This exposes them to many risks. A lot of chemicals are used in the processing and packaging of these foods to increase their longevity.
  • Smoking– Cancer is mostly caused by smoking. There has been a rising trend of smoking even among young people. The smoke released weakens the liver. Chemicals used in processing tobacco have adverse effects on the body and expose you to cancer.
  • Lack of physical activity– Some people like being stuck in the house. Glued on TV screens all day without engaging in physical activity. This increases their body weight and, as a result, exposes them to suffer from cancer.
  • Exposure to direct sun for a long and radiation.

Ways of preventing cancer

Cancer treatment is mainly aimed at finding a cure for cancer, although not all cancer types can be cured. Additionally, killing cancer cells present in the body prevents them from reoccurring.

Some treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant for people living with cancer and looking for a cancer center in Singapore.

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