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Traveling as a Senior

After working their whole life, getting up early in the morning, coming home late at night, the retirement years could and should be enjoyable. No more stress of going to work and having to deal with the daily struggles of income; instead, you can spend these golden years relaxed and calm. Lots of people spend these years traveling the world and going to places they were never able to go to. However, as one gets older there are a few things to keep in mind when traveling. Obviously, every senior wants to relax and enjoy their trips, however, as one gets older, its important to keep in mind ones health and well being which takes precedence over everything. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Always let a family member or a friend know about your plans and where you are going. Lots of times things can happen on a trip or vacation and having someone at home know where you are can sometimes avoid lots of issues. Depending on the age of the senior, it is also smart to travel with someone. Basic needs such as getting up and down, getting into a car or into the elevator can sometimes be difficult and having someone there to help can really make things easier. If the senior is not that mobile and has problems walking, traveling with another individual is a must. Depending on where they are traveling and where they are staying, it can sometimes be a struggle. For example, if the senior is handicapped, and needs a bathtub transfer chair to get in and out of the shower, it is dangerous to be by themselves. To many people fall in such situations and the outcome can be devastating.

Always make sure you bring any medication that you might be taking. It is highly recommended to even bring extra in case some gets ruined or you lose some. Besides for medications there might also be a necessity for different medical supply items. Always make sure those items are packed and that you know where they are. If a senior needs a cane to walk, there are many folding canes that can be very easily stored on top of a seat in a plane or on the side of a seat in a taxi. If the senior is not that mobile and has trouble walking distances, there are many lightweight wheelchairs that are very easy and simple to use and not a big deal to travel with them.

Always look for senior discounts and promotions. Besides for being a member in certain organizations, lots of businesses offer steep discounts just by showing their ID and proving their age. Certain airlines and hotels even have different perks for seniors, such as special seating and rooms. There are even some hotels that offer services for seniors who might need that extra help. This can go a long way in making the vacation all that much more enjoyable.

Try to stay safe. Don’t carry around a lot of money and don’t wear expensive jewelry. Unfortunately, there are many people out there looking for vulnerable people and seniors away from their home can be a target for them. Always have a way to get in touch with someone in case of an emergency. Have these numbers written down and readily available in case of an emergency. Always try and stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Don’t go to places that you might think are not safe and also try to plan trips during the day.

Staying healthy. Being on a vacation means going out to restaurants to eat. Fast food eateries can be really not healthy and can set a senior back with their health, try to stay on the diet as much as possible. If you have a daily walk, run or time in the gym make sure that is kept up. But obviously, don’t over do it. when away from home you sometimes might not realize how far of a walk somewhere is and can be overstraining. Also, make sure these walks or jogs are done in a place that there is no risk of falling.

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