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Your Home Away from Home: Your Car

Home in the car

No matter where you live, you probably know what makes a CA driver different, as well as how bad the commute can get during rush hour traffic. When you’re spending so much time in your car, it quickly becomes your home away from home. That’s why you should drive the extra mile and make it as comfortable as your house or apartment. After reading this article, you’ll have the exact blueprint you need to live in your car – I mean, feel at home in your car.

Coffee maker in your car

That’s right – a coffee maker for your car. You no longer have to wait for the coffee to finish brewing while standing in your cold kitchen, thinking about all the places you could drive. You can cup a fresh brew while sitting in the cozy confines of your car.

Blankets to keep warm

Keeping a blanket in your car is a great idea if you have to stay parked for a long period of time. If you’re – for whatever reason – staying in your car overnight, having a blanket to keep you cozy and warm is a great idea. They’re also an official part of any car’s recommended emergency kit.

Neck pillows

Neck pain can cause aching tension in the shoulders and the rest of your body. One idea to prevent this from happening is by storing a neck pillow in your car. They’re the perfect way to keep that head rested during long commutes or if you get tired. But, good luck sleeping when you have a coffee maker in your car.

Hot plate for cooking

Cook on the road with a hot plate. Hot plates now have a car-friendly adapter that will allow you to make dinner on the go. If you thought texting and driving were dangerous, you clearly haven’t cooked eggs during your morning commute. Any online traffic school would tell you that cooking while driving is reckless. Stationary kitchens are a thing of the past with your new mobile kitchen.

Car refrigerator

If you have leftovers from cooking dinner in your daily traffic commute home, they won’t have to go to waste. Store your leftovers in your very own car refrigerator. A small 12v refrigerator can be used as your car’s personal mini-fridge to store a quick bite on busy days. It’s also great for a midnight snack. But, why would you be craving a midnight snack while in your car with your blanket and pillow?

Car closet

If you’re the clumsy type, you understand the importance of having backup clothes at all times. You don’t want to walk into your important business meeting with a ketchup stain on your shirt. Therefore, consider investing in a car closet. Yes, they do exist. You can convert that unnecessary trunk space into a closet space for shirts, pants, shoes, and other accessories.

Blinds to get privacy

Privacy is important. Buying window blinds for your car is a great investment if you’d like to keep the interior of your car cool during hot, sunny days, protecting valuables from being seen, or avoiding eye contact while napping. Get that much-needed privacy while you sit in your car overnight.

Car chandelier

The wealthy, Riegel type understands the importance of a good chandelier. If you want to put the finishing touches on your home away from home, then give the gift of a great chandelier to yourself. You’ll finally feel at home with a collection of diamonds hanging above your head while you drift off to sleep at night in your backseat.

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