7 Ways to Decorate Your Phone Case

These days, it’s easy to have somebody in the palm of your hands; all you need to do is hold your phone. Yet, with so many similar makes and models out there, a mobile phone also feels like just another inanimate object, one that everyone can own, use and share without much thought about who the owner is. But there is a workaround for that: customized phone cases.

The beauty of making and having custom phone cases is that the time and effort you put into them is up to you. Also, as phone manufacturers are at an all-out deadlock when it comes to aesthetics and capabilities, custom cases have become a way for people to create what the industry lacks: personality. Here’s how:


1. Duct Tape

Scratch your creative itch with personalized phone cases weatherproof in seconds for next to nothing.


2. Studs

They’re not for everyone, but those of you who can wear studded outfits and pull off the look will probably not say nay to the thought of having a studded Tetris pattern on your phone.

3. Fabric

Lace, wool felt, denim, and cloth are just some of the types of fabric you can use to make crafty overlays on your custom cases that look like they came out of your photo album.

7. Custom Graphics

Finally, there’s always the option to let professional artists design phone cases that speak to you. What better way to design your phone case without actually ever lifting a finger – except maybe to browse their latest creations?

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