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Best Jamaica Hotels for Your Next Trip

There are countless reasons why many visitors choose Jamaica as their ideal vacation destination. Of course, it has something to do with the hospitable weather that maintains an average of 80 degrees, the local cuisine, lovely reggae, and extraordinary sights.

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Jamaica has some of the most amazing and beautiful beaches that you will find anywhere. The sunsets, mountains, and rocky coastline are what we refer to as breathtaking. The local cuisines, such as the jerk-seasoned dishes, will have you returning for more every year.

However, your Caribbean vacation experience will never be complete without a stay at some of the top hotels in Jamaica. The all-inclusive resorts and hotels provide the easiest way to experience Caribbean hospitality with a touch of luxe and other fun activities in one place. But which are the best? Thanks to the #1 jamaica hotel website, we have handpicked a few of the top suggestions.

Cliff Hotel

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What makes Cliff Hotel among the best is not a beautiful setting but rather its quiet surroundings and luscious gardens. Cliff Hotel has a beautiful pool in the middle of the property, and the white paint compliments the surrounding woods, bamboo, and straw. Mostly, the Cliff doesn’t try too hard to achieve glamour and a serene environment, but rather, they happen naturally.

The hotel also has friendly staff, eager to serve and please you. Their lifeguards deserve special applause as they are always keen to help. It is set on volcanic land and has various umbrellas and beds in the lounges. The villas have their own loungers and plunge pools.

Cliff Hotel boasts some top cuisines, fresh fruits, and juices that make sure you are never thirsty in the sun. The local yogurt and egg dishes are especially too delicious to pass up.

Tryall Club

Luxury Villas in Jamaica

Located in the tourist hotspot Montego Bay, the Tryall Club is another top resort that will make your Caribbean vacation ideal. It is set on a private beach and golf course, and you will also find various tennis courts there too.

There are up to 75 private villas, with each offering a different and unique experience. Many enjoy their vacation here without ever exploring beyond the villa walls. But that does not mean you cannot go outside to see more of the Caribbean magic.

Each villa has its own style, interior design, and character to move from one dwelling to the next and feel as if you are entirely in a new hotel. Each has its own staff that can help you arrange outside excursions. All the villas feature private pools and beautiful lush views of the hills and turquoise waters.

The Caves

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The Caves is a favorite resort of several celebrities, including Naomi Campbell. Set on a stunning Cliffside location, The Caves is in an idyllic setting, where the sounds of waves beating against the rocks below feel comforting in the morning and evening. The Rick’s Café is only a stone throw away, and you can go and enjoy the sight of daredevils attempt some blood-chilling dives over a cup of coffee.

The resort only has 12 secluded cabins atop the cliffs. All the structures are wood, straw, or palm and the colors wonderfully complement the jungle-like surroundings. It boasts a casual and friendly environment, ideal for honeymooners. The Caves is the kind of place that you take your better half for a once-in-a-lifetime candle-lit dinner experience.

Breakfast and food taste glorious with menus that keep changing for the better. The rum-based cocktails are especially a highlight of The Caves Resort. They are like nothing you have ever tasted before – tasty and refreshing.

Services are personal and exemplary. The hotel staff refer to each guest by name and go out of their way to serve your needs satisfactorily. Depending on your level of risk-taking, you can access the sea by plunges.

You have access to the hot tubs and saltwater pool. There’s also a steam room, a small spa, and a sauna for enhanced relaxation and experience. There are snorkeling equipment and kayaks for those that want to take the fun further into the sea. However, there are no television or iPod dockets. Be prepared to go old school.

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