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The relationship between your height and genes may be carved in stone, but other factors can lead to short stature, and among them is your diet.

Yes, your food choices can make or break your chances of attaining your optimal height. For young people, eating right and exercising is critical to growing bigger before the growth plates close. Sometimes following a strict diet can seem like a difficult chore. However, several delicious foods can help you achieve your best height growth.

Foods that make you taller: Is it possible and examples


Eggs are a standard breakfast food that can power your height growth without seeming to try too hard. The food contains essential nutrients that your body needs for growth. Therefore, go ahead and be creative with your cooking skills and try different recipes where eggs are the main ingredient.


If it weren’t for the genes, bugs bunny would be taller than the other characters. Typically, carrots come loaded with essential nutrients that include vitamin A to help your body grow stronger and healthy. Bugs Bunny also has a splendid sight. Well, it turns out that vitamin A plays a critical role in ensuring good eyesight.

You can chew the crunchy raw carrots anytime. Alternatively, you can crash it into arduous and enjoy a chilled beverage on a hot day.


Every day, a glass of milk used to be a staple in most homesteads to make children grow stronger and taller. Children were told how not drinking the glass of milk would condemn them to a short height.

Some myths turn out to be true, and drinking milk regularly can make your bones stronger and longer. You see, the main ingredient in your bones is calcium, and which milk has a lot of. Insufficient calcium in your body leads to a host of bone problems that may include osteoporosis.


Oatmeal is an excellent food that is delicious and low in fat, and rich in essential proteins. It is high in fiber content, which helps your digestive system be efficient, and you can get the most from the food you eat. Fibre also plays a vital role in blood glucose regulation. High amounts of blood sugars can inhibit your growth and health – more reason to frequently take oatmeal dishes.


Don’t we all love fish dishes? The finger-licking cuisines from seafood make life a bit sweeter. The good news is that fish contains proteins, vitamin D, and minerals that make your bones stronger and your immune system better.


Chicken is white meat, and doctors advise people with various medical conditions like diabetes to choose the food over red meat. Regardless, chicken is the best protein source that your muscles and tissues need to multiply and become bigger.

There are countless ways of preparing chicken. Alternatively, the delicious chicken broth soup, with your favorite spices and cooked adequately, has the same benefits of eating a chicken – talk of bribing your taste buds to health and tall stature.


The fruit is naturally sweet when adequately ripe, but it also has a host of health benefits. Bananas contain some of the most beneficial minerals such as manganese, calcium, and potassium. It also contains probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to your body.

Potassium in bananas helps regulate blood pressure and neutralize the effects of sodium on your bones. It also adds calcium to your bones’ mass, and you become stronger and healthier as you grow taller.


With such excellent foods as soybean, vegetarians don’t need to feel left out regarding food choices to grow taller. As such, soybeans are among the richest sources of essential amino acids that serve as building blocks for growth and strength.

But that’s not all; soybean contains carbohydrates, fiber, folate, and vitamins, which all have a role to play in adding a few inches to your height. It’s a collective effort of various nutrients, and soybeans are versatile in that regard.

Final Word

Research shows that people who can’t afford a balanced diet are shorter than their wealthier counterparts. Your food choices have a significant impact on your final height. Typically, a balanced diet is essential for health and height growth. Even so, adopt a healthier lifestyle and avoid drugs and alcohol.

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