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The Tools of Travel – 7 Simple Ways to Avoid the Hassle of Flying Internationally

Holidaying around the world is idyllic in some lights. Still, as anyone who has actually made the journey overseas before knows, the truth is more annoying and cramped than you can imagine. International travel is steadily growing in popularity, despite the steep costs associated with and the dangers present when traveling overseas.

That isn’t to say that other countries are dangerous in any way, but being in an unfamiliar place far from home can more easily lead to dangerous situations. There are hassles with the travel getting there. Once you’re there, your bags won’t necessarily be there. You will have to carry everything with you wherever you go, and the trip home is just as long and arduous as the trip over.

Safety Tools for Traveling


Exploring your home country can be much more rewarding, and securing travel loans in Australia, from Latitude finance for instance, can take the last remnants of hassle out of your dream getaway.


Planes are not only cramped and uncomfortable at the best of times, but they’re also a source of fear for many people. This makes traveling great distances for any reason prohibitively draining or, in some cases, downright impossible. On the other hand, trains take a little longer to get to their destination, but the journey is much more pleasant, and the scenery is much nicer too.

Local Travel

Maneuvering around your home city can even be an adventure in itself, as there are parts you’ve never seen before and experiences you haven’t lived through waiting for you right on your very doorstep.

Try booking a hotel in your road trips are often their own destination for a holiday. Pack a car you can sleep in full of your favorite foods and changes of clothes, and set off on an adventure.

Hitch Hiking

A more dangerous pastime in some parts of the world, hitchhiking is an interesting and exciting way to make your way across a country. Meet lots of new people, see lots of strange and interesting things, and arrive at your destination (relatively) unscathed to tell the tale!

Bus Tours

Bus tours take the hassle out of road-trip-styled adventures, and with the destination in mind, all you need to do on-board is relax, maybe read a book, sleep a little and wait for the end of the line. Bus tours are usually much less expensive than plane tickets, require less double, triple, and quadruple checking of everything, and you tend to make friends with people you spend a few days in a vehicle with.


A less conventional but still entirely viable method of travel is to sail for your home-country adventure. Unlike land travel, sailing is strictly ocean-bound, meaning you will likely only see coastal towns along your way. As anyone who has visited a coastal town will tell you, this is no problem; coastal towns are usually sleepy, friendly, and are well supplied with the best fish and chip shops around.

Flying Domestically

Finally, for those whwho want to travel in comfort but don’t have the time, domestic plane tickets are usually fairly inexpensivecompared to our international brethren, and the flights are never so long as to be cause for worry.

These are great ways to get around and explore your home country without the need for passports or international plane tickets.

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