Dubai, the pearl of the emirates opens its borders to millions of tourists all around the globe. The weather is great there almost all year long. The sea is blue, the sun shines all the time. But it wasn’t so just a few decades ago. Dubai then was just a small old-fashioned Muslim town. However, the oil brought unimaginable reaches into the region. Right now, Dubai is one of the most luxurious, posh resorts in the world. Its main attractions : skyscrapers and the artificially created island in the form of the palm tree are even visible from the satellites on the orbit of the Earth. A pretty important place to visit, isn’t it? I’d say you could surely add it to your bucket list.

A Lifehack to Spend Time in Dubai Efficiently

Dubai marina is the place where it all happens. All the hotels are concentrated on that small island separated from the continent by a channel. The place is like a small Arabia Venice, there is actually a third Venice in Los Angeles, a place with beautiful channels as well. If you have the mind to it, you could compare the three of them.

So, what do people do in Venice? That sail on the boats. The Italians have their own cultural gondolas . So do the people of Dubai. Their traditional boat is called a dhow. It was actually invented based on the roman triremes. The first double-decked boats were sailing vessels. However, the majority of modern dhows are powered by a Diesel engine, although, you can find a few old-fashioned ships if you are a fan of sailing and ecology.

The Money Question

Since Dubai is basically the capital of luxury حجز فنادق and Last Minute Flights, the highest price tag for sea cruises is somewhere above the clouds, approximately on the height of the airplane flight. I won’t bother you with unreasonable numbers but rather tell you about the basic fare that involves the cruise for a single evening, dinner included. The fare is a mere 160 AED, which is quite reasonable by any standards. This price will get you a hot dinner at a table with someone else and you’ll have to get to the boat yourself. However, there are additional options like transfer and personal tables.

The Features of the Trip

The dinner cruises in Dubai Marina do not save money on food. All the dishes are of the highest quality and some people actually come back just for the dinner.

Apart from satisfying your gastronomic tastes,the majority of the boats offer a cultural program as well. The dhow boat owners hire musicians, belly-dancers, magicians, and performers to entertain the guests as best as they can. So, you may end up watching how a man it’s a scimitar and wearing a turban while eating true eastern sweets and enjoying the Muslim civilization built only decades ago. At the end of the trip you may even be led to swim in the sea (surely, if it’s safe and the water is warm enough).

On the whole, I’d say that the cruise will give you an unimaginable amount of joy and fascination. So much, that you may want to return some day, perhaps, even stay in Dubai with its luxurious way of life.