Taxi School in New York City, Why We Need It

Over the past few decades, we have come across most major Cities that create criteria and necessities that comprise minimum obligatory training for persons who wish to drive taxi cabs in the individual municipality. In 1984, New York City developed its first compulsory training program. Concluded in the years, the programs have evolved into a list of training programs and services for current and aspiring taxi drivers.


The eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the training and license world in New York City is The Advance TLC School. Most people get the hack license via this organization more than all the other providers in the City combined. Driving a taxi seems to be a modest concept. Taking a passenger from one place to another would not seem to come up with too many problems. Nevertheless, problems do come up that need training, which can prolong far elsewhere the three-day minimum to twelve months and longer.

More than ninety percent of the drivers use English as a second language in an industry; the simple hacks and tricks take a little longer. Consequently, when it comes to the Taxi Driver Examination, a written test containing thirty English questions and fifty questions in taxi subjects, the regular New York City Taxi Drivers License applicant is as likely to fail the exam as to clear it.

We should also not forget that the taxi school method is not all about passing the test. Drivers must have a rational hope of performing the tasks of the job. The most intimidating is obtaining knowledge of the city streets, highways, bridges, and the long list of New York City landmarks.

In case you wish to visit a taxi school, then without much ado, contact ‘Advance TLC School.’ They strive to provide their students with the best learning experience possible.


Our instructors and curriculum are the best in the business because customer satisfaction is our top priority. Visit and see for yourself. The company also deals with wheelchair-accessible vehicles, a growing share of the taxi and FHV fleets. After initial licensure, there is no official venue where drivers learn about new TLC rules and street design patterns or have their skills refreshed on important functions. In a rapidly changing environment, with a renewed focus on safety and accessibility, as detailed in the Vision Zero Action Plan and the Disability Accessibility Plan, long-time drivers may lack key information to continue to serve the public effectively. TLC Driver License applicants must complete a 24-hour TLC Driver Education Course and pass an 80-question multiple-choice exam on a computer with a 70% or higher (you must answer 56 out of 80 questions correctly to pass). The course covers the following topics: TLC rules and regulations, geography, safe driving skills, traffic rules, and customer service. For more information, check out the website:

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