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5 Top Tips to Enhance Online Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to make it big with your online store. As per an e-commerce stats report, 96 percent of Americans prefer to shop online today. Thus, you have a huge market to tap into for your virtual shop. Improved customer care on your part will duly leverage your conversion rates, rewarding you with enhanced ROI. Here are the top expert tips to boost the satisfaction level of your online customers.

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Precise product descriptions & images

Albeit online shopping has become a growing trend today, many shoppers are apprehensive of buying online given the absence of the product’s physical touch. Indeed, you can’t make your shoppers touch or feel your goodies manually. But you can put effort into refining their experience at your online store. Thus, you have to be particular about the most precise and detailed product descriptions. Mention each minor and major specification of your products clearly on the product pages.

Be careful of the images as well. You have to get premium quality high definition images for each of your products. Make sure to get pictures from multiple angles of an item to help your online customers attain a comprehensive view.

The bottom line is to provide enough information to enable your online customers to reach an informed decision and inspire the purchase intent.

Create personalized experiences

You have to make your customers feel that they are a part of your family. And what do we do for our family members? We recognize their specific preferences, needs, and wants, which eventually strengthen the filial ties. You have to introduce that similar personalized experience for your online shoppers. Use cookies on your site to track each customer’s login details or visitor to your online store. The login data will help you to fathom the specific wish list and expectations of every visitor. Now, your task will be to customize your marketing emails and product displays accordingly for each customer. Personalization efforts will make a visitor/customer being cared for. And, we prefer to shop from those who value our wishes and expectations.

In fact, 59% of marketers have reported experiencing high ROI from personalized efforts.

Invest in customer training courses

Having a customer care department is not to enhance the satisfaction level of your online customers. You have to ensure smart customer care executives skilled in every aspect of impeccable customer care. It will be wiser to invest in customer service training courses for your client care executives to assure the best professional customer care on their part. Atton Institute is one of the leading names for top-notch result-driven customer service and care training. The institute offers highly focused & intensive professional corporate seminars & academic programs on every client service facet. Based in Dubai, the organization offers its training courses across the UAE and other regions. For more info on Atton Institute training courses, visit

Offer multiple contact options.

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to enable them to contact you easily. Thus, you have to ensure multiple contact options for your online store- including email, live chat, and telephone. You would also need to stay active on social media profiles as social networking sites are fast becoming major business channels.

Promise 24/7 support

Your customers expect the clock response so that they can get an immediate answer to their queries anytime. It could be difficult for your human customer care executives to stay responsive round the clock and for all the right reasons. But don’t worry, you have AI-powered chat-bots to help you here. These bots function almost like humans, and since these are bots, they can work tirelessly 24/7.

Final words

You should also make sure to ask for feedback from every customer. Insights derived directly from customers would give you a better idea of your online store’s strong and weak points. It will eventually help you fix the glitches and guarantee a more rewarding experience for your online customers.

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