MCA Degree Holders are in High Demand

Ask any student who is the most happening sector in India, and nine out of ten times, you will get the answer that it is Information Technology (IT). In fact, even if you put the same question to a layman, the chances are that 90 percent of the time, you will get the same answer. IT and ITES sector in India is on the rise (in fact has been on the rise for the past few decades), which invariably transfers into top-rated job opportunities for people with Best Colleges in Delhi NCR for MCA gives the participants a global overview of the IT world and strategically steer their profiles to achieve their career aspirations and make meaningful contributions in the IT world.


MCA –a course overview

Master in Computer Application (MCA) is a three-year full-time professional degree course that consists of six semesters. The course specifically designed to meet the IT sector’s ever-growing need for qualified and knowledgeable professionals focuses on the application end of things in the IT world. A most obvious course of study for students who have done their graduations in the computer (BCA), MCA enhances participants’ skill levels and knowledge, thus providing them with better career opportunities.

In BCA, subjects related to the basics of technological applications such as data structure, HTML, networking, statistics, system analysis, mathematics, probability, data management, etc., are taught along with different types of programming languages. MCA will deal with these subjects in-depth at a more complex level.

The course structure of MCA

As mentioned above, MCA is of three years duration and consists of six semesters (two semesters per year). Unlike BCA, where the last semester is reserved for major project work, MCA assigns the last two semesters for your project work. It is important to work on live projects where you gain a deep understanding of handling complex tasks in real-world scenarios.

The sixth and final semester is generally reserved for major project work where students are required to submit a report on a real-life project carried out by them and face a panel of interviewers on the same. Also, unlike BCA, a Master of Computer Applications allows you to specialize in a field of your own choice and liking. Some of the popular fields in which you can do your specialization in MCA are MIS (management information system), database administration, system management, network management, system architecture, etc.

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