Top 5 tips to cope with college thesis writing deadlines

All of us have encountered deadlines very early in our lives. Whether it was in grammar school, high school, or college, deadlines are imposed on us, and most of us have struggled with them. Lousy time management skills and procrastination often resulted in last minute, panic-driven work that was not as good as we wanted it to be. Although most of the students do not like deadlines, the truth is that they are good. They provide structure and create accountability. The point is that people who learn to love them are successful. The bad thing is that those deadlines become numerous and hard to cope with at the college level. Tus most students seek for that last-minute project or thesis help. Here are some useful tips that will help struggling college students to cope with essay writing deadlines.

  • Make your own “phantom deadline.”

The first thing you need to do is determine something I like to call a “phantom deadline.” This is simply a deadline that you impose on yourself, and it should be a couple of days, or maybe a week, depending on the essay, earlier than the original one. This is important because it will give you some wiggle room in case something goes wrong. Of course, for this technique to work, you will need to take your “dissertation writer.


You probably heard before that a large task can always be done more easily if it is separated into smaller pieces. Well, it is true, and this theory can be used with essays. Divide your essay into paragraphs and assign each one of them a certain amount of time to finish it, depending on the overall timeframe. The important thing is to treat these “mini-deadlines” seriously because failing to meet one of them makes it harder to make the next one, which further makes it harder to meet the final one.

  • Be a couple of steps ahead.

If you think that the key to meeting deadlines is encountering each task as it comes, then you are wrong. The key is to plan your work in advance and practically be a couple of steps ahead of yourself. This is the way of professional writers in MyEssayGeek. If you plan your activities appropriately and consider any possible problems, you will be fully prepared to handle every potential crisis that comes your way.

  • Use technology to organize yourself.

It goes without saying that good organization and time management are crucial for meeting essay writing deadlines. Well, in this day of age, with technology reaching its peak and smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our everyday life, there is no excuse not to be organized. Use cloud-based storage to have access to your essay at any place and time. Also, use task-list apps and notifications to create your workflow and reminders. You can sync them with all of your devices, and that way, there is no way you will forget or have trouble finding something.

  • Stimulate yourself with rewards

Although this seems like a funny thing to do, believe me, it most definitely is not! This is a great technique for those students who lack the self-discipline that is necessary for meeting deadlines. These students do not worry if they miss a mini-deadline or two and will procrastinate until it becomes certain they will not reach the deadline, and then they start to panic. To avoid this, you can reward yourself after each mini-deadline with a thing that you love. It can be anything: a night out with your friends, a box of chocolates, or anything that makes you happy and relaxed. The crucial thing is to activate these rewards exclusively after the mini-deadlines is met.

There you have it, 5 simple tips that will surely help you meet those nasty deadlines, and apart from that, prepare you for the business world full of them. Who knows, maybe some of you will be encouraged to enter the growing world of freelancing and start your writing careers from home.

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