Tips to Find Spectacular Patterns for Your Packaging Design

Have you ever watched any “Unboxing” video? You probably have seen unboxing videos of products like the iPhone or PS4. So, what’s the first thing you notice in these videos? It’s the box that catches your attention first.

The packaging design of a product tells a lot about what’s inside the box. Even your favorite blogger or Vlogger will put stress and draw your attention to the packaging. Your product’s packaging design sends messages about your brand’s values and preferences, provokes feelings, and communicates emotions. Packages and the things we put in are as important as the product itself! Packaging can make the difference between your product gathering dust or flying off the shelf.


So, by now, you must have understood that carefully crafted packaging can become your silent seller. But you must be wondering how to make your packaging design stand out. Well, it all starts with a great graphic design.

When creating packages, you have many things to consider- from selecting the right box type to choosing the best colors. Of all the design elements, one of the most important is the “pattern.” Choosing other design elements like typography and color comes at a later stage, as first, you need to select a pattern that helps you reinforce your brand’s message.

A vibrant pattern is the most versatile tool representing your brand’s visual style. Now, you may ask how to choose a universal pattern composition that represents your brand and catches your customer’s attention. So, to help you find a stunning pattern for your brand’s packaging, here I will share a 3-step method. By following these three steps, you will successfully land on an amazing pattern composition for your product’s packaging.

1. Establish Your Brand’s Visual Style

Packaging gives the first impression of a product and represents the entire brand. So, first, you need to answer the most important question- what is your brand about?

2. Got your answers? Good.

Maybe your product stands alone, or chances are it represents an established brand. If you’re finding this step tricky, look at the styles of your preferred brands or companies that offer complementary products to get an idea and choose your brand’s visual style. The easiest way to do this is by using Pinterest. Search keywords related to your company’s values or products and look at their typefaces, colors, and visual style. In addition, go through online and offline magazines and newspapers to find similar products. While doing this, always keep your target customers in mind. Consider their age, gender, and preferences. To create your brand’s visual aesthetic, you must strike a perfect balance between type scheme, color palette, pattern, and imagery.

3. Choose Patterns That Go With Your Style

The next step is to search, create, and choose patterns that complement your brand’s style. In this step, you can also browse through available ways that match your style. There are plenty of options, but the best one goes well with your packaging design needs. For instance, if you’re trying to convey elegance and sophistication, go for a minimal pattern with elegant designs. On the other hand, if you’re a trendy beauty or fashion brand, you can think of vector or floral patterns. In the case of children’s products or décor packaging, geometric patterns usually work best.

4. It’s Time for Customization!  

Finally, you must ensure your product’s packaging design does not resemble your competitors. To differentiate your design, customize colors, textures, and text to be confused with another brand. Select colors that represent your brand, add your logo, and a pattern that matches your brand’s visual style.

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