How a broadband connection gives you a much better gaming experience & more victories

If you love online games or have someone in your family obsessed with video games and consoles, you certainly know how bad internet connection affects them. There are many reasons why gamers get stressed out, but when the internet is not up to the mark, they start losing control in the first place.

You also need to know that not all games need fast internet; for example, low-intensity mobile games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers can function pretty well on lesser internet speeds. However, when it comes to first-person shooters and open-world games that have complex actions coupled with a variety of in-game missions, a stable internet can do wonders for you or your dear one’s gaming experience.

A broadband connection is a perfect solution for constant, undisturbed internet with blazing speeds and minimal lag time. Here are a few reasons why you should get Airtel broadband today:

1. Reduced ping rates

Ping rate denotes the time it takes for the data from the user to get received on the game’s server. Hence, the lower the ping rate, the better your gaming experience. Ping rates on an Airtel broadband connection usually differ from 20ms to 70ms or 80ms, which is excellent for gaming. A ping rate of less than 20ms is every gamer’s dream.

However, if you try to play the same game on mobile internet, the ping rates can go as high as 300 to 400ms at times, simply because mobile internet is not as stable as a broadband connection. A higher ping rate also means the game loads slowly, and if you are playing a first-person shooter game, your character can be killed within an instant without you being able to do anything about it – simply because your ping is too high.

2. Improved internet speeds

Download speed refers to how fast your device can pull information about the game from the server or the internet. If you have a gaming console, then you may have noticed that the company usually advises users to get an internet connection that can provide internet speeds of more than 3 Mbps all the time. This ensures that gamers always have a smooth and streamlined experience. Such rates can only be achieved through Airtel’s broadband network.

When it comes to constant and reliable internet speeds, broadband connections are way better than mobile data. This happens because mobile data cannot deal with the heavy data usage needed to play such games.

3. Unlimited internet

The online gaming ecosystem has improved considerably over the years. These games consist of multiple characters, downloadable maps that can be explored, newer items, and other features. Naturally, downloading so much gaming content over your mobile data also means you are always at the risk of exhausting your monthly or daily data pack.

If you purchase Airtel broadband, you get unlimited internet, which means now you have the freedom of using as much data as you want, without worrying about data usage. Moreover, gamers often get heavy updates on these games, some of which often go beyond 10 or 15 GBs – once again running the risk of spending your entire data pack on a single update. Airtel broadband offers super-fast internet speeds, less buffering, and downloads enormous files within minutes.

Airtel broadband ensures that the game runs uninterrupted and provides the best possible ecosystem. Thus, faster internet speeds, unlimited data, and low ping rates that support speedier download and data upload can significantly boost players’ gaming experience. Users can be fully engrossed in the virtual world without worrying about data packs and latency.

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