The Complete Guide to Writing Your Dissertation Review

The main purpose or the aim of writing a dissertation review is to depict that the person has completely read the book and have grasped it fully in all aspects. One can write a review in any format as it is totally upon the person writing it. One can also go for a different assignment for writing a dissertation review. The review which is written should always be based upon the research objective.

It is advised that the review that is to be written should not be just a copy of the summary published, but it should be something serious, and a proper, as well as critical discussion, should be made in it. The other thing to be kept in mind is that all the arguments should be placed well and different approaches should be mentioned. It should analyze all the relevant data and should be linked properly. A proper and deep comparison should be made regarding the issue. The methodologies can also be sometimes criticized.

Writing Review

The studies which are meaningful and necessary should be very well highlighted. The main structure of the dissertation review should be based upon the research conducted. The different writers’ opinions should be considered well, and then later, the contrasts and the comparisons should derive from it. A good review clearly describes what a writer really wants to say, and then once this is done, the general overview should be mentioned. The structure of the content should be given more importance than that to the specific topics in it. One has to make sure that they mention all the important and the necessary data in the review and at the same time, the other thing to be kept in mind is that one should surely give his or her own perspective and the purpose. Once the review is completed, one should make it a point to add a summary at the end of it.


Writing a review isn’t an easy thing. The person should decide this thing beforehand that what do they actually want to read. Most of the time, people are provided with a booklist, which would help them. There are many parameters for the research purpose, and the person should make a decision very carefully for it. The objectives should be totally kept in mind. There are a lot of things about which a person may be looking at. It may be the theory or the methodology adopted, or even the research work involved.

The person should make it a habit to compile the main areas and the questions before reading the book. Just don’t divert from the topic and stick to the point. If we talk about a good dissertation review, then a proper and crisp line of argument is necessary. This is the reason why critical notes should be made, as well as relevant comments, should be mentioned. The starting of the review should be obvious and attractive. It should be written in such a way that it provides a brief outline of the overall review.

Covered Topics

All the topics which are to be covered should be mentioned, and then line-wise arguments should be made with valid reasons. The review should be written in small paragraphs, and the writer should try adding a small summary at the end of it. Quotations are beautiful. Thus they should be used frequently as it gathers the attention of the readers.

It is advised that the review should be written purely in a formal manner, and the style adopted should be academic. No sort of personal language should be in it, and the writing should be made clear and easy for the readers to understand the others’ opinions should always be respected, and genuine words should be used in a review.

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