5 Awesome Authority Strategies for Teaching the Masses Online

If you’re looking to garner attention in any way, shape, or form online, the best way to do so is through education.

Consider that every Google search or YouTube query begins with some question. People have problems that need solving and plenty of burning questions: if you’re the one to solve those problems and answer those questions, you can quickly build your influence online.

This rings true whether you’re trying to sell a product or you’re simply an aspiring blogger or vlogger looking to get more eyes on your personal brand. Building your authority via education online is arguably easier than ever, given the wealth of options to make it happen. That said, there is a lot of competition in any given industry, which is why it pays to have a diverse strategy for educating your audience online.

So, what are some smart ways you can establish rapport with an massive clout over time.


Educational Video

For modern audiences, videos have become the go-to form of education. You can learn just about any skill via YouTube, and vloggers have taken notice given the popularity of how-to videos on the platform.

As a result, it pays to make sure that your own videos have a sense of flair regarding production and presentation. For example, having higher video or audio quality than your competitors is a major plus. Likewise, educating your audience via whiteboard animation can score you major style points with your viewers. The more in-depth and comprehensive your content is, the better.

If you want to impact your audience, you can’t afford to be totally camera shy. The video represents the fastest-growing type of content out there, and anything looking to educate an audience should take notice.

Keep Up a Blog

Despite popular belief, blogging is far from dead. Traditional written content still has its appeal for subjects or topics that don’t require as much visual demonstration and can be taught via text (think: writing or simple coding). That said, a good way to double-dip your educational content is to repurpose your blogs into vlogs and vice versa.

Get Involved with Social Groups

Please don’t neglect the power of social media when it comes to educating the masses. After all, many people are moving away from search engines and are looking for advice and guidance from real flesh-and-blood people versus search bots. Joining private and public groups within your industry or niche to answer questions is a surefire way to get your name out in the open and present yourself as a go-to expert.

Be Prepared to Podcast

Podcasting is growing in popularity, unlike video content, offering an alternative to both written and visual content. A great option for those who are terrified of getting in front of the camera or don’t consider themselves skilled writers, education via storytelling and interviews is yet another way to cover your bases. Thankfully, you can get started with podcasting with little more than a microphone and a free hosting service.

Questioned-Based Communities

Finally, bear in mind that there are entire communities of sites that thrive on asking questions. Whether through Quora, Reddit, or Yahoo! Answers, actively answering questions that might eventually show up via search again signals you as an authority figure. These sites cover just about any corner of the Internet, meaning you can provide hyper-specific answers to show just how much you know about your niche.

Don’t let your expertise go to waste regardless of your goals online: these tips can help you build influence and make a name for yourself over time. With so many options to educate your ideal audience, what are you waiting for?

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