How These 5 Mobile Apps Will Help You Enhance Your Revenue

Dominos, an august food brand known for its quirky marketing campaigns, increased its sales by 19% through its website and mobile app.

The gross revenue made through mobile apps is projected to cross the bar of $76.52B in 2017 Gone are the days when mobile apps were just for fun and games, today over 71% of the marketers believe that mobile applications are an integral part of their sales strategy. From collaborating with team to managing customers, tracking the competitors, and making employees more productive; slowly but surely, mobile apps are being adopted for each business process, which in turn is bringing more revenue to the firms. Given below are some of the intuitive mobile apps that the marketers are using effectively to generate optimal revenue.


In this data-driven e-commerce landscape, Insightly can prove to be a rewarding tool for the marketers. Insightly is a fast and performance-rich cloud-based CRM mobile application that allows your sales personnel to keep a track on the customer activities, forecast opportunities, and manage notes & calendar from whichever device they want. With Insightly, marketers can figure out the loopholes in their sales funnel, which in turn will help them to energize their sales and stay up-to-date with their customers and prospects.




Staying ‘à la mode’ with the latest buzz could be a task for the marketers who are always on the go. In fact, not utilizing the news effectively to capitalize your PR initiatives can make you pay off heavily. With Flipboard, marketers get an easy access to the relevant content that is spinning across the internet. Flipboard lets you subscribe to the topics of your choice and gathers the latest content from various social media networks, blogs, and news publications in a magazine like a format.


Many of us didn’t expect “Whatsapp” in this list; however, the perks that it serves to the marketers could not be undermined. Whatsapp allows the marketers to chuck off the extra text charges that can go out of hands at times. It relishes the user-base of millions and lets the marketers send messages internationally, without burning a hole in their pockets. For less than $1 a year, marketers can send messages worldwide and use the saved capital in other vital business activities.


Shopify is the must-have tool for all the retail-store owners who seek to engage customers and ring up their sales simultaneously. Shopify is a mobile point of sale system that maintains your inventory, help you to collect payment without the need of cash register, and offer relevant recommendations and quick transactions. With Shopify, marketers also get a range of effective social media and e-commerce purchasing tools that help them to generate additional revenue and streamline sales.


Efficacious customer management is crucial for every firm that seeks to generate more cash from their business. Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support application that enables you to serve your customer complaints whenever and wherever. Zendesk allows customers to create tickets for each problem they come up with. The tickets received can be then assigned to the appropriate person to resolve the issue while keeping everyone in the loop. Happy customers are perhaps the biggest asset of a business. More happy and loyal customers definitely result in more cash flow.

Be it a small business or a big enterprise playing in millions, mobile apps present an array of elements to the user, thus boosting the performance and revenue. With that said, I would wrap up my post.

Hope the above-mentioned mobile apps take your revenue to new heights.

Thanks for the read. Good Luck!

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