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Do You Need Driver CPC Training?

What is driver CPC or DCPC training? Who needs this kind of training? Is it a critical certification or can you obtain something else equivalent to it?

DCPC or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence is a European certification programme for drivers of buses, coaches, and lorries. It is a qualification system implemented to foster road safety and ensure high standards of driving. It is an essential certification for drivers, especially in the logistics and shipping industry. To get this certificate, new drivers have to go through a series of tests that include theory and practical sections. Some may find this difficult to achieve and maintain. That’s why training programmes for Driver CPC in Sheffield and other cities exist.

Purpose of DCPC training

The primary goal of driver CPC training is to maintain high-quality driving skills, which in turn boosts a driver’s professional image, improves career opportunities, and leads to road safety. This multi-pronged programme is a boon for drivers and everyone who uses public roads and highways. Additionally, the DCPC training helps drivers in becoming more efficient. It teaches the strategies to achieve better fuel economy and reduce wear and tear on a vehicle. At the same time, it helps drivers in reducing their environmental impact as they learn to drive better. Moreover, becoming DCPC qualified means that you become well-versed with your legal obligations as a driver of large vehicles.

Who needs to get a DCPC?

DCPC is a legal requirement for drivers of hauling vehicles with a minimum weight of 3.5 tonnes and passenger carrying vehicles with at least nine seats. Drivers are exempted, though, if their vehicles have a speed limit of 45 kilometres per hour, are used for non-commercial transport of goods or carriage of passengers, are used or controlled by the UK armed forces and civil defence and are used for rescue missions in a state of emergency. Likewise, a DCPC is not needed for vehicles on a technical road test and those used in driving lessons for obtaining a driving license or DCPC.

What happens after Brexit?

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence is a result of a European Union Directive. So, what happens to it after the UK leaves the European Union? Will it no longer be compulsory? The answer is that there have been no changes in the DCPC requirement yet, and it’s likely that it will remain in place.

At the moment, the UK is still negotiating its terms for leaving the EU and the drivers CPC is not one of the things expected to be scrapped. In August 2018, it was reported that the driver CPC regime is set to continue as the EU Exit Regulations were laid before the UK Parliament. This continuation is logical given that the UK does not plan to withdraw its signature from the European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR), which has provisions on CPC obligations.

Driver CPC is a legally required certificate for UK drivers of vehicles with a specific weight or passenger capacity. Even after Brexit, it will likely remain as a requirement, which makes sense considering that its goal is to maintain high standards of driving and road safety.

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