Test of English as a Foreign Language

American universities are known to be some of the finest in the world. If you grew up outside the United States, however, you’ll be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) before you’ll be permitted to enroll in one.

TOEFL is known to be an extremely rigorous test. The examination consists of four parts: a reading comprehension section, a listening section, a speaking section and a writing section. You may increase your chances of passing TOEFL by taking a Umaster Exam prep course that’s designed to give you the competitive edge you need.

The TOEFL Reading Comprehension Section

TOEFL’s reading comprehension section focuses on the types of prose prospective students at an American university or college can expect to find in a typical course-level textbook. Exam takers are given between 60 and 80 minutes to read three to five passages and to answer questions concerning the content and rhetorical structure of those passages.

The TOEFL Listening Section

Since lectures play an important role in post-secondary education in the United States, TOEFL tests prospective students’ ability to comprehend spoken words. The exam includes six spoken tracts; two are conversations between students and four are academic discussions. These tracts are between three and five minutes long apiece. Students must answer questions related to the ideas and details in the passages they hear. Students may also be asked questions about the speakers’ goals. The time allotted for completion of this section ranges between one hour and one hour and a half.



The TOEFL Speaking Section

Exam takers will also be asked to give brief oral presentations on a set of materials that integrate both written and audio sources. Test takers will be scored on their ability to synthesize materials verbally in a compelling manner. Students will have 20 minutes to complete this part of the examination.

The TOEFL Writing Section

Test-takers will be allowed 50 minutes to complete both parts of the TOEFL writing section. In one part of the exam, test takers will be given the opportunity to write an essay that explains their opinion on a controversial subject. In the other part of the exam, test takers will read an academic passage, hear a brief lecture on the same topic and then write a summary of the ways in which the lecture relates to the reading.

Should You Take a TOEFL Prep Class?

Your entire future may depend upon achieving a passing score on the TOEFL, so why take chances? A TOEFL prep class will help familiarize you with the types of questions you can expect to encounter on the examination. Just as importantly, a prep class can teach you test-taking strategies that will help you organize your time so that you won’t leave essential test questions unanswered when your time is up.

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