Taragh Bracken’s Work Happiness Recipe

The legal world is intense, there’s no getting around it. If you work at a law firm, then the films and television shows of attorneys and paralegals eating Chinese until dawn is not too far from the truth… especially when on the cusp of a large court hearing. Taragh Bracken loved law growing up, as she took law school in Ireland and completed the bar in Whitby, Ontario. The Taragh Bracken Law Firm is a stately firm known by all in the Greater Toronto Area.

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When asked about her work-life balance, Taragh chuckled to say that that was just a figment of your imagination. Sure, she will take months of for vacation to compensate for the loads of overtime, which is when she spends ample time with her daughter and husband. But despite the long work hours, this strong-headed lawyer has found ways around loving her job—for all it is!

Meaningful Workload

When the work that you are completing is meaningful to you, then the overtime doesn’t phase you as much. In Taragh’s case, she is dealing with make-or-break family suits that are of significant importance to her clients. It’s as though she’s holding the glass that is their united bond, and if it shatters into a million pieces then it’s on her.

Take it from a well-known happiness researcher, Adam Grant: The more meaningful any which individual finds their work, the more likely that they will be happier and productive at it. So if you feel as though you’re making a grand, positive impact on the world by doing your work, you’re going to be more involved in the process.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Also, the size of the goal that you’re working towards doesn’t matter. It can be as simple as training a new employee to do the best job possible and thus building them up for success. Or it can be as large as planting hundreds of trees every week to help the environment. No matter the size of the goal, the effects will be just the same.

Show You Appreciate Your Colleagues

Even if you are not in a superior role, making others feel appreciated is one of the most impactful things you can do to brighten up someone’s day. Especially if you are a manager, you should always say thank you to your employees for their hard work, especially if they continuously go above and beyond. If not, you could just lose a stellar employee to a company that will take the time to be present and show their loyalty and appreciation.

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