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Take your domain security to the next level with SSL2BUY

Today internet is the backbone of the technology. In each and every form we are bind to use the internet in our daily lives. We deal with online transactions and browsing the internet keeping the things confidential. Customer data integrity is the responsibility of the website owners so that their data should not be leaked and hence couldn’t be used for any vulnerable cause.

Data confidentiality and security can be trusted with SSL certification which confirms that the data will be encrypted so that only intended audience can take out relevance out of it, making it completely unreachable for the unwanted recipients. As in the case of enabling an online payment option, your website should pass compliance of Payment Cards Industry (PCI) Standards, which ultimately means SSL certificate enabling for your website.

Do you have own a website and worried of getting attacked by hackers. Cyber criminals steals your confidential data and can remotely make changes to it. Wouldn’t it be better to add few more layers towards the security of your website which will protect and confine your essential data? Wouldn’t it be the time to get an SSL certificate to your website and moving your domain name from HTTP to more secure HTTPS?


SSL2BUY is the trusted name in providing SSL certificates to your website and online business. SSL2BUY is one of the cost effective solution towards security and offers best SSL security products like EV SSL, Organization Vetted, Domain Vetted, SAN, Wildcard SSL and Code Signing Certificates. The company is leading their name taking information security and customer trust as the primary quality factors. Irrespective of you own small, medium or large scale business you can be fully trusted upon the services that too on the reasonable prices.

SSL2BUY is the authorized service provider as well security service reseller for the popular service products; here are the reasons in support of choosing SSL2BUY for your SSL certification needs.



1. Huge Products Inventory: SSL2BUY is an authorized re-seller of leading certificate authorities like Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, AlphaSSL, RapidSSL and GlobalSign, therefore you can find broad range of SSL certificate products at one place. SSL2BUY is promising to provide best suitable products for website/ software security and authentication.


2. Satisfactory Customer Support: Customer support is of prime importance to put you ahead of the crowd. SSL2BUY runs their business 24Xx7 making it even more reliable to customer feedback and improvements. Having sound knowledge, skilled and experienced customer support team make them solve out any query from the consumer side whether it is related to sales or service or installation.

3. Affordable Price: Being a partnered with popular brands, SSL2BUY commits to sell their SSL certificates in bulk volume. To achieve goals and leadership, SSL2BUY do business by setting up small profit margin and pass huge discount for their online customers. The key element is match the product as per customer requirements and offer it at affordable price. They negotiate the price to a comfortable range without compromising on the product quality.


4. Money Back Guarantee: This step is motivated towards greater customer satisfaction. If after issuing certificate it is recognized that some features and security options are not working as expected then you can opt for the money back program also.

SSL2BUY provides EV SSL Certificate:


The purpose of EV SSL certificate is to ensure the customer data security on e-commerce websites. During transactions, customer card details need to be encrypted so that it cannot be stealing, so making a transparent solution between the service provider and the customer.

Choose a preferable brand’s EV SSL certificate from SSL2BUY at the cheapest rates and secure your online transactions. Depending on the service provider you will also get some additional features like ECC encryption, daily malware scan, vulnerabilities assessment, seal-in-search, page load acceleration, etc.

How to get Certificate for your site?

There is no complex application process to apply for the certificate. Visit and choose from a range of products as per your need. Complete the payment process thereafter providing your payment details and you will be issued the SSL certificate for your website. If you find it difficult to apply or install, you can reach out to the customer support which will guide you in detailed and easy steps to follow.

What to wait then join hands with SSL2BUY as your online security partner and bring additional encryption options to your data. Extend customer support will keep all your worries on the side.

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