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A complete guide to correct your Aadhar card details

Towards India’s development and safety, the present Government has taken a step where you need to have an Aadhaar card. It is a unique identification number of 12 digits, and every Indian citizen must possess the card to prove citizenship. Now you need to fill in your details to process the Aadhaar card. However, if you have mistakenly entered a wrong mobile number or wrong information, you need to follow certain steps to correct it. Here is the article to know more about Aadhar card correction online.

Aadhar card

Step by Step Guide to Correct Aadhar Card Details:

Now to change or edit any information on your Aadhar card, you can always do that in two different ways- online & offline. Here we will show you how to do Aadhaar card correction online and as well as offline.

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How to Correct Aadhar Card Details Online?

The simple and one of the easiest methods to update your Aadhar card details is by doing it online. Here are the steps to do it without any hassle:

Step 1:

The first step you should do while updating your Aadhar card details is to list the official website of UIDAI! You can also visit the self-service Update Portal (SSUP). You need to log in with your 12 digits Aadhar card number.

Step 2:

Now fill in the form with proper and corrected details online.

Step 3:

One of the important steps is to keep all the scanned copies of self-attested identity and address proves. You need to upload them to match your data inputs.

Step 4:

Once you are done with submitting all the details properly in the form, you need to check the status update for the Aadhar card. You can track your Aadhar card status online to see whether the changes you have made are updated or not.

However, you need to remember that you can only update your details online if you have the registered mobile number with you, as OTP will only be sent to your registered number.

How to Correct Aadhar Card Details Offline?

If you are not many updates with technology and want to do it manually, then here is how you can correct your Aadhar card details offline.

Step 1:

The first step you need to do while updating offline is getting the Correction form for Aadhar Card. You can collect it from any nearby enrolment center.

Step 2:

The very next step towards the aadhaar card update is to fill your details in the form with proper and updated data such as name, DOB, address, photographs, mobile number, etc.

Step 3:

Now once you are done filling up all the details correctly, it is time for you to carry the form to the nearby center with all the original documents. Submit the Aadhar card details, and you are done.


These are how you can update or correct your Aadhar card details without any further help. We recommend you to update it via the online process as it is easier and user-friendly as well.

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