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Three Things to Do with the Lemon in Your Garage

If you have a car that no longer works, or you don’t have a use for, you’re likely wondering how to get it off your hands. The first inclination you have is to sell. Many folks list their car for sale on Craigslist. But for some reason, people aren’t biting at the price you’re offering. At this point, you want the car gone and to never think about it again! What are your options at this point? Read on, and learn about three different things you can do with a car when it no longer works for you, but you need it out of your hair and fast.

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Sell Your Car for Parts

Even if your car has problems with it, chances are many of the parts are in good working condition. A blown transmission doesn’t affect other parts, such as the tires or lights. There is money to be made when scrapping your car and selling the good parts to a dealership or scrap yard. If you don’t want to sell it to a scrap yard, consider taking out an ad (online or in the newspaper) and personally selling scrap parts. If you know a mechanic or looking for parts all the time, you already have a built-in consumer. Some folks even choose to sell auto parts online to reach a wider audience. Be aware that if you sell your car for parts to a scrap yard or similar place, you’ll need proof that you owned the car via a title.

It doesn’t matter if your car isn’t in the best shape or runs just fine. Consider the possibilities that open for someone else when you donate a car to charity. Your car is towed away and then given or sold (at a much lower cost than a used car lot) to someone in need. Donating to charity may not be the first thing on your mind, but consider the benefits it provides. You are no longer responsible for taxes, registration, or insurance. When you do your taxes the following year, you can write off the donation. If you earn a lot of money and need something to help offset the costs, this is an ideal way to do so.


Scrap Your Car

Scrapping a car shouldn’t be your first alternative if the car still runs. If that is the case, you can try your hand at selling it or, at the very least, getting money for car parts. However, if your car is ancient, has many miles on it, or otherwise cannot be used, scrapping is the best alternative. You’ll still get money for the car, although it may not be as much as you wanted. However, some money is better than none. This takes the car out of your hair and makes it one less expense that you’ll have to worry about in the future. Depending on how big it is and how much it weighs, you can make decent money. Contact local scrapyards to get an estimate. Like selling car parts, you need a title to proceed with scrapping it. This prevents auto theft and other problems.

How Getting Rid of an Unwanted Car Helps

There are so many benefits associated with getting rid of an unwanted car you no longer need. As mentioned earlier, anytime you own a car, there is the cost of insurance. Even if you don’t use your car or take it out very often, it still needs gas, minor repairs (if it’s still drivable), and registration. If you don’t have a large garage to store your car, that becomes another factor. Do you pay to keep it someplace, or do you leave it open to the elements? While this alone is not a bad thing, it does cause the car to age a bit quicker, leaving you with more repairs and further car associated bills down the line.

Getting rid of a car you no longer use frees up that extra time and money. You can choose to save and live life simpler, without an additional car. Or, you can use your extra time and money to get something you’ve always wanted but never been able to own before. If you have a car that is no longer serving you, see how these options can help get you closer to saving money and finding a car that actually fits your needs.

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