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5 key elements to look for in a resume template

I believe most of us have invested a good amount of time perfecting a resume on Word, and it was all for attaining the recruiter’s attention.

Basically, you need to stand out from the crowd, and that is unachievable if you use a generic word template as there are about a billion users that use MS Office daily.

But that is not it. It would help if you considered various factors before deciding on a template that caters to your needs.

Let’s take a look at the 5 key elements to choose a resume template that will help you showcase your expertise to the recruiter and help you land your dream job.

the applicant tracking system, allowing companies to screen resumes based on a set of job-related requirements.

ATS does not recognize information with graphics, charts, tables, and generic templates. It screens resumes based on keywords. Basically, you need to look for a template that allows ATS to parse information easily and makes it a pleasant read for the recruiters.

So, here is what you should prioritize in a template to pass the ATS:

  • A conservative approach with fonts like Calibri, Arial, etc.
  • Do not use graphics or charts and focus on the keywords.
  • Avoid flashy colors and images.

At times, these things are great for showcasing your expertise, but this approach will result in not letting the software recognize your skills.

Clear formatting

Your resume needs to have a balance between unnecessary white space and written information. The point is that white space does not look professional and cluttered content may just bore the recruiter.

How should you choose a template that offers a clear and crisp formatting option?

Target audience

Before choosing a template, you need to ask yourself the question of who is your target audience?

For instance, traditional templates follow a single column approach, and it is an ideal choice for senior and tech professionals.

Moreover, modern templates follow a double column approach perfect for creative individuals such as photographers, writers, or designers.

It may depend on the profile of the company as well. For instance, if you are applying for a job at a rather conventional company or a corporation, you may have to choose a traditional template to create the right impression.

So, understand your target audience and choose your template accordingly.

No experience

The idea of a template is that you should not have to be a professional resume writer to compose this document.

It should be easy to fill in the details along with various arrangements to suit your needs. A lot of good templates have pre-written content that you can tweak to make it uniquely yours.

Target such professional resources to make a job-winning resume.

Time optimization

Writing a resume is not your end-goal. You write a resume to get a call for an interview, and that is where you need to shine. Also, you will need to invest time in practicing the answers for the interview.

Time optimization is a priority while composing the resume to spend your time preparing for the assessment.

Hence, that’s what you should be looking for in a resume template, where you can add information without spending hours tweaking the content and section headings to restrict it to one page or making it look more professional. The template should do all of these things for you.

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