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How to protect your local park from unwanted cars

Research shows that parking has become an issue of concern worldwide with increased vehicles on the road. How would it feel if you came home one evening after a busy day and, pulling into your parking, you find a strange vehicle parked in your space? This is highly inconvenient and quite frustrating. Whether at your reserved parking in your office or home, there are perfect options to ensure strangers don’t intrude on your privacy.

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Following are some of the measures you can take to ensure your park is protected from intruders

Use signage

Companies and other private and public institutions use notices and signboards to communicate that specific bays are reserved. However, this is not a guarantee that space won’t be occupied. Some defiant people will never want to follow instructions, and every other time, you’ll find parking in your area. This can be very frustrating. To deal perfectly with such motorists, you may need to put up signage that indicates that there are fines and clamping. This will scare them, forcing them to look for alternative parking.

Use bollards

Why bollards

Removable bollards are good when it comes to preserving your parking. To ensure that your parking space is reserved for you and there is no interference, you need to get a good bollard supplier who will design the parking space for you and ensure that it is kept off from strangers. With removable bollards, you can have the place locked, and depending on the area you need, you can adjust the position. Bollards come in many color covers, yellow, black, white, and any other of your wish. Look for those at least 8mm way above the bumper. You can choose the old-fashioned ones or the more stylish ones for modern parking. Choose a type that will add to your aesthetics while protecting your parking from strangers.

You can choose a single parking bollard that stands out. It is strong and well-designed. It is combined with an infrared remote control; thus, it becomes convenient for you, especially when your parking bay is off the street. It would help if you pushed the button when meters away and the bollard goes into a down position; then, you can drive in.

Manual barriers have been here since immemorial and have served their purpose; today, you don’t need to hire someone to raise or lower the barrier when pulling in or out. Go for the remote-controlled option. This becomes even more relevant when you’re under pressure, maybe someone wants to carjack you, and it’d be easy for you to control the movement into and from your bay. Get a digital bollard installed by a reliable bollard company at an affordable fee.

Choosing the right parking bollard will ensure that yarking bay is well protected and intruders are kept off. Again, with the good design of the bollards and a perfect color match, your parking area is given a touch of aesthetics.

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