Masks and Safety Measures for Protecting Self from Airborne Particles

Without breathing no living being can be alive. So it is essential to intake air as safely as possible. Various breathing masks have been introduced to the people so that they can inhale safely without taking in any fumes or harmful aspects in the air.

So choosing the correct breathing mask is essential. To do this one needs to follow certain tips which would provide protection and be healthy.

Types of Masks for Protection



As stated earlier different kinds of masks are available to people, all one requires is to buy the one depending on the activity that he is going to perform.

  • Particulate Filters

These filters are the most important device for purifying the air. These are mainly used at homes. These are reusable by replacing the filters. These cover the mouth and the nose portion of one’s face which saves one from the harmful airborne particles such as dust, liquids, mists, fumes, etc. However, these do not offer protection against vapours or gases.

When buying, choose the one which will offer protection in the best way. N95 will protect an individual against 95 percent of airborne particle and R95 covers all these along with particles which are oil based mainly required during paintings.

To gather the best protection one can always choose the P100 masks which will filter 100 percent of oil-based as well as non-oil based particles.

  • Chemical Cartridge or Gas Masks

For absorbing vapours and gases from the air a person requires chemical cartridge or gas masks which has carbon filtering. The cartridges are replaceable and when inserted seals the edges tightly. This blocks out all of the unfiltered air. These respirator accessories can be half masks meaning it covers just the mouth and nose or full-face masks for sheltering the skin against chemicals.

Three filters are available for these masks; Chemical Cartridge, Dual Cartridge and Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).

To choose the correct option an individual should know what toxins they will face when they would wear the mask for working.

There are various other masks which are there for people to wear before they work in a hazardous environment. Depending on the work and exposure to airborne particles, the mask should be chosen.

Some Safety Measures All Should Follow

  1. The filter should be changed if a person notices some smell or taste. It should also be changed if one’s nose, throat, lungs, etc. becomes irritated.
  2. Always make sure that breathing is natural. If it is clogged or becomes hard to breathe, then an individual should change it immediately.
  3. Replacing the filters is easy. One should just follow the instructions and do it that way.
  4. Damaged or dirty filter which is broken or damaged.
  5. Several respirators become ineffective if it gets wet so one should always keep it dry.

If one follows all the safety rules and uses the perfect equipment, preventing harmful elements is not a problem. All one would require is to follow the simple steps mentioned above and order a respiratory mask depending on the task.

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