Are you planning a trip to Bali for the upcoming summer? If not, you really should. The tropical destination in Indonesia is a popular destination among Australian tourists, but also for travelers from all over the world. The warm weather, the beautiful beaches, and the amazing rainforests make this place an awesome summer adventure.

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If you had already planned a trip to the resorts and adventures of the island, or if you just now decided you need to take a vacation to Bali, there are a few things you need to take with you; some essentials that will make your stay more enjoyable, or that may be required in certain areas.

Here, we mention some of the top items you need to pack for your trip to Bali.


More than likely, you will be taking your smartphone with you to Bali. Even though your cell service probably isn’t available in Bali, there are still a number of apps that can allow you to communicate with family and friends back home. You were probably going to use it to snap some photos with too; you probably even brought some extra SD cards with you so you would have plenty of memory for your photos.

Don’t! Don’t use your phone. The megapixels on today’s smartphones are powerful enough to capture clear, unpixelated pictures for everyday use, but not for somewhere as special as Bali. Make sure to bring a separate, high-powered digital camera for this purpose. You don’t want to miss anything and you are still guaranteed to fill up all of those SD cards.

travel insurance will protect you in most of the activities you undertake while in Bali. If you plan on white water rafting or scuba diving, it will help pay for any trips to the hospital or other medical bills that you accrue. With travel insurance, you can focus on having fun rather than worrying about whether or not you should have fun.

one of these will help you respect the customs and traditions of the Bali natives.

Quick-Dry Clothing

Make sure you pack yourself some light clothes that are also fast-drying. The weather in Bali is warm so you want to make sure the fabric is not too heavy and can breathe. It is also moist, which is why the forests do so well on the island. You don’t want to walk into a club or shop in Seminyak and have your clothes cling to you the entire time.